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MCPE/Bedrock Winter Wonderland (Christmas Terrain Generation!)

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Winter Wonderland (Christmas Terrain Generation!)


Get yourself into the Holiday spirit with this add-on! With giant candy canes, gingerbread men & houses, decorations and much more, you'll sure be able to have a jolly good time.

🎄Christmas Terrain Generation

New terrain features will generate in Ice Plains and Ice Spikes biomes. Take a look!

Giant Candy Canes

  • Candy Canes are made up of Blocks of Candy.
  • You cannot turn Blocks back into Candies, but you can craft Candies into Blocks.


  • All Candy Canes generate with 8 presents at the bottom.
  • Break open a Present and you'll get random Christmas-themed items and decorations.

Gingerbread Houses & Gingerbread Men

  • Gingerbread Houses generate alongside Giant Candy Canes. Although a lot rarer, it is still somewhat easy to find.
  • The house is made of Gingerbread Blocks, with a roof made of White Blocks of Candy.
  • The house is decorated with Christmas Lights, Stockings, and Wreaths.
  • The Christmas Lights change colour continuously!
  • There's even a pile of Presents and a small Christmas Tree!
  • Known issue: Minecraft has removed the ability to spawn mobs alongside structures. Therefore, Gingerbread Men now spawn in Ice Plains and Ice Spikes biomes instead of inside Gingerbread Houses.

You can trade with Gingerbread Men!

  • All trades require Candy Cane items (obtainable via presents), and they will give you Christmas-themed items in return.
  • Some items are only accessible in survival through trading with Gingerbread Men!
  • Known issue: The trade screen does not work on some devices.

Experimental Toggles

  • These toggles must be turned on:
    • Holiday Creator Features
    • Creation of Custom Biomes
    • Experimental Molang Features
  • Backup your world first if you are turning on these toggles on an existing world!

Known Issues

  • Minecraft has removed the ability to spawn mobs alongside structures. Therefore, Gingerbread Men now spawn in Ice Plains and Ice Spikes biomes instead of inside Gingerbread Houses.
  • The Gingerbread Men's trade screen does not work on some devices.
  • An error "[Blocks][warning]-geometry.christmas_tree contains 1 boxes outside the warning bounds of..." may appear during world generation. This error does not affect gameplay in any way and can be safely ignored. To turn off the error log, go to Settings > Creator > turn off “Enable Content Log GUI”.

Seed Recommendation

Having trouble finding an Ice Plains or an Ice Spikes biome? Use this seed found by @gaspoweredpick on Twitter!

Using the seed 822211793 will spawn you in a beautiful Candy Cane mountain pass.


1. You must NOT share the MediaFire link to the download directly. Always share the link to this page. Do NOT set up a new download link yourself.

2. Credit me if you are using my pack.

3. Contact me for permission before using this add-on in a public modpack. 

4. You should always backup your world once in a while when playing. I am not responsible for any loss.

5. This work is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

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