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Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock Flatlands Survival

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Flatlands Survival

A new and unique spinoff of the classic SkyBlock challenge, the Flatlands Survival challenge allows for a more creative experience than SkyBlock, however comes with it’s own challenges and obstacles


You start off on a 128×128 block of land, raised 77 blocks above the infinite plains around you.  Below you is a system of ores, a few caves, dungeons, and even an End Portal. At the four corners of this world are small bits of renewable resources, such as trees and sugar cane. Down at Y 20 is a very limited number of ores.

Use these ores very wisely.

This map is about progress, much like SkyBlock. You can’t go down in a cave and mine enough iron for a full set of armor in a single night like in a regular world. Things are much harder here, and while you can achieve anything here you can in a regular world, you’ll need a plan.

Once you run out of something such as iron for example, it’ll be a very long time before you can gain any more. You would have to make a village large enough to spawn iron golems to get more iron!

Speaking of villages, you’re probably going to need one. Villagers are your only source of tools and armor made of ores that are extremely sparse in this world, such as diamonds. Get a good enough Village going and soon things like diamond tools, diamond armor, and many more things are now renewable resources. 

Unfortunately, there are no villagers already in the flatlands, so curing zombie villagers will be your only option, which will require a dangerous trip to the nether to accomplish, as you’ll need potions. (An easy mode with already spawned in villagers will come in a future release)

Eventually, you’ll find yourself strong enough to make your way to the End, or tackle things such as the Wither….maybe even find some treasure, far off in the Nether. 

But at the end of the day, this is your world to use however you like. And you’re not limited to just the block of land you start out on. Around you is an infinite blank canvas, which you can build upon

Good luck on your adventure, and have fun!

2.0 Changelog

  • The amount of iron, coal, lapis, and emeralds found underground has been rebalanced. Most have been increased slightly.
  • An Abandon Gold Mine can now be found at Y 40. A bountiful amount of gold, and some rails can be found inside. Just be careful of the cave spiders!
  • Four new villages can be found near the starting block, as well as a flower filled grassland surrounding the block. Minor decretive changes have been made to the starting block as well. In a future easy mode, the villages will be filled with villagers.
  • Four new biomes can be found using maps found in the villages. (Currently 3 out of 4 are a work in progress, yet some loot can still be found in all of them)
  • The three closest nether fortresses to 0,0 have had any weapons or armor found inside enchanted
  • Four chests full of treasure have been hidden around the main End island
  • Minor changes to the four places treasure can be found in the nether


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13

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