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MCPE/Bedrock 3D Items Addon V2  

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3D Items Addon V2


The 3D Items Addon adds a new dimension to a few of the items in the game. The items are fully 3d, in your hand, when thrown and for fireworks and bottle o enchanting when used.


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Currently only potions, dragons breath, splash potion, lingering potions, swords, honey bottles, bottle o’ enchanting, totems and fireworks are 3d, but more are to come. There are a few bugs you should be aware of, 3D items dont appear on item frames and all potions look like water bottles in your hand, this shouldn’t hinder the playing experience to much though.

if you have any suggestions comment them

Q:Can I use this without the behavior pack

Yes, the behavior pack makes it so when the item is out of your inventory on the ground it doesn’t appear invisible, that’s it.


Added Bones

Added Swords 

Added Splash Potions

Added Lingering Potions

Added Snowball

Added Ender Pearl

Added Eye of Ender



Posted : 01/08/2020 11:50 am