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MCPE/Bedrock Artifacts Addon

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Artifacts Addon


This addon adds items and blocks based on Java Edition Artifacts mod


Enable Experimental Gameplay and Education Edition

Addon tested only on mobile and single player mode

Made by fan

Report bugs and issues on my YouTube channel

If you are going to record the addon, give the credits

How to get the artifacts:

One way to get these items is in minecraft structure looting (If any minecraft structure gets empty chest, let me know as a bug)


Camps will appear around the world, you can get loot there, but sometimes, instead of chests, there will be disguised mimics that, when trying to open the chest, they will attack the player. When defeated, they drop a random artifact






Artifacts that are not linked to a clothing/body part:


Whoopee Cushion: Makes the player make "fart" sounds every 10 seconds. (Hold on screen to activate)


Everlasting BeefandEternal Steak: In addition to the aforementioned forms, it can also be dropped by cows. This meat can be eaten but it doesn't end (If you decide to eat it, don't give up halfway through because it has a cooldown)


Antidote Vessel: To use, one must "eat" it, It will remove negative effects from the player


Umbrella: When in the player's hand, it gives the effect of slow falling, and when holding the screen, it also gives the effect of resistance (I know, the modeling is in the wrong position, but I don't know how to fix it)


Head Artifacts:


Drinking Hats: ThePlastic Drinking Hatgives a saturation effect when equipped, theNoveltyversion does the same but is the rarest artifact to get


Night Vision Goggles: Gives night vision effect when equipped


Snorkel: Gives water breathing effect when equipped


Villager Hat: Gives village hero effect when equipped


Necklace Artifacts:



Thorn Pendant: Hold on the screen to activate and you will receive 2 items, if the player is wearing the one that does not have the Necklace tag, this item will be enchanted with Thorns III and you will be able to use this item on the character's head (Previously counted as head and necklace artifact, now just head)


Scarf of Invisibility: Gives the effect of invisibility when active


Panic NecklaceandCross Necklace: ThePanic Necklacegives the player speed if they are in fire, lava, campfire, on top of magma, sweet berry plant or taking damage from cactus. TheCross Necklacedoes the same, only giving the effect of resistance


Lucky Scarf: When active, it will make the ores have a chance to drop more than normal (Does not stack with the Fortune enchantment, if you have Fortune II or III, better not use this artifact)


Flame PendantandShock Pendant: TheFlame Pendantcauses fire to appear on nearby monsters and theShock Pendantcauses lightning to fall on nearby monsters


Hand Artifacts:


Digging Claws: When active, gives the player the haste effect



Vampiric Glove: When active, gives the player regeneration when hitting a mob with this item in hand


Pocket Piston: Hold on the screen to activate, hold again to enchant with Knockback II, then send mobs away


Fire Gauntlet: Hold on the screen to activate, hold again to enchant with Fire Aspect I then set mobs on fire


Golden Hook: When active, there is a chance to drop an experience point when hitting a mob holding it (Be careful the piglins can get it)


Power Glove: When active, gives the player strength effect



Belt Artifacts:


Universal Attractor: When active, attracts items within a 5 block radius to the player


Obsidian Skull: When active, gives the player fire resistance effect



Helium Flamingo: Grants the ability to fly to the player when active


Crystal Heart: Gives the player a health boost effect when active


Feet Artifacts:


Kitty Slippers: Makes creepers fear the player (Hitting the creeper will reduce this fear)


Running Shoes: Gives the player speed effect when equipped


Bunny Hoppers: Gives the player the slow falling effect and jump boost when equipped


Flippers: Hold on the screen to activate and hold the item without the Feet tag in your hand to enchant with Depth Strider III and then just equip it


Steadfast Spikes: When equipped, decreases the knockback received by the player


Aqua Dashers: Allows the player to walk on water and lava


Useful Info:


To activate the artifacts, hold the screen with the artifact in your hand

ExceptFlippers, Head and Feet artifacts are enchantable

You can activate up to 2 artifacts with the Hands tag


The addon has translation for de_DE, en_US, es_ES, es_MX, fr_FR, it_IT, ko_KR, pl_PL, pt_BR, ru_RU, uk_UA and zh_CN (Some items of some translations are not translated and it is possible that others are translated wrong)


The original mod made byochotonidahas theMITlicense, I tried to contact the owners and they... Respond!

In this addon, I used the models andMimiccodes from theScooby'saddon, currently, talking with him is almost impossible (so much so that I don't know how to do it)


Addon demo video:




- Added version for 1.20.30+


Changes (only for 1.20.30+):

-New models forSnorkelandNight Vision Googles

-New and random loot forCampsites


Here are 4 download links:


If you play from 1.19.10 to >1.19.50, download the 1.19.10 version

If you play from 1.19.50 to >1.20, download version 1.19.50

If you play on 1.20 to >1.20.30, download version 1.20

If you play on 1.20.30+, download version 1.20.30


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