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MCPE/Bedrock Black Panther Wakanda Forever Addon

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Black Panther Wakanda Forever Addon


Since the black panther is an all time favorite character of mine so I decided to add him in Minecraft. This addon brings you the King of Wakanda and honors his legacy as the black panther. This mod also brings you talokan's ruler Namor. You can experience playing as both of the rulers and their kingdoms. It adds a variety of costumes to be used by the player. For Updates and bug fixes you can suggest them on my YouTube channel Note: If you want to use my add-on for your YouTube channel but make sure to credit me

About the addon:



The Black Panther (T'Challa):

Black Panther's real name is T'Challa, and he is the king and protector of the African nation of Wakanda. Along with possessing enhanced abilities achieved through ancient Wakandan rituals of drinking the essence of the heart-shaped herb, T'Challa also relies on his proficiency in science, expertise in his nation's traditions, rigorous physical training, hand-to-hand combat skills, and access to wealth and advanced Wakandan technology to combat his enemies.


Black Panther (Shuri):

Naturally intelligent, strong, and brave, Shuri does not have any super human abilities, though she keeps herself at peak physical levels. After the death of her brother T'Challa, Shuri steps as the new protector of Wakanda as the new Black Panther.



N'Jadaka, legally known as Erik Stevens, was a former United States Navy SEAL and the son of the Wakandan Prince N'Jobu. When N'Jadaka was a child, his uncle T'Chaka killed his father for trying to murder Zuri for outing him after he had aided Ulysses Klaue in stealing vibranium from Wakanda. This drove Killmonger to dedicate his life to forcibly dethrone his cousin, T'Challa, in order to finally accomplish his father's plan to seize control of the world by using all of Wakanda's vibranium technology to cease the oppression of people of African descent all across the world. In order to achieve this, N'Jadaka joined the Navy Seals and was eventually assigned to a black-ops unit, where his numerous confirmed kills earned him the nickname Erik Killmonger.


Ulysses Klaue:

Ulysses Klaue was an international criminal and underground black-market arms dealer. In 1992, Klaue had been recruited by N'Jobu to steal a stockpile of vibranium from Wakanda in order to aid N'Jobu in causing a revolution. While Klaue managed to escape with the stockpile, he received a brand on his neck from the Wakandans. In 2015, Klaue had sold all of his vibranium to Ultron, who cut off one of his arms. To replenish his stock, Klaue, armed with a new prosthetic arm, joined forces with Erik Killmonger.



Okoye is the former General of the Dora Milaje and the head of Wakandan armed forces and intel. Witnessing T'Challa's coronation, she joined him in tracking down Ulysses Klaue. After Erik Killmonger overthrew T'Challa, Okoye found herself conflicted between her friendship with T'Challa or her duty to her new king. T'Challa soon returned and Okoye soon joined him in the fight against Killmonger and successfully taking back the throne.


Iron heart:


Riri Williams is an MIT student and a gifted inventor, who created various cutting edge designs, such as a flying suit of armor, based on Iron Man's suits. As one of her projects was used by the CIA to find vibranium outside Wakanda, Williams found herself threatened by Namor, since her invention put Talokan in danger of being exposed to the surface world. Targeted by both Talokanil and the United States Government, Williams was approached by Shuri and the Wakandans, which later escalated into a war between Wakanda and Talokan. Williams helped the Wakandans in the final battle, using a new armor, made with Wakandan technology, and returned back to the U.S. after the conflict.



King M'Baku is the current King of Wakanda and leader of the Jabari Tribe, a group of Wakandans who had removed themselves from mainstream society. Initially a staunch opponent of T'Challa's rule, M'Baku ends up torn between challenging him for the throne only to help him defend Wakanda from Erik Killmonger. Seeing the threat that Killmonger posed to the world, M'Baku chose to save T'Challa's life and gathered his armies to help defeat Killmonger in their final battle, with M'Baku gaining a seat on the Tribal Council as a result of his choice.



King Ch'ah Toh Almehen is a Talokanil mutant who rules the underwater kingdom of Talokan. As he aged slowly and gained the respect of the Talokanil, they started to worship him as K'uk'ulkan. Following his mother's death, he visited the surface world and witnessed the atrocities of Spanish colonization, causing him to take violent action, earning him the name Namor from his enemies. Determined to protect his people from the surface world, Namor felt threatened when the United States came close to discovering his country while searching for vibranium. Namor came into contact with Wakanda and proposed a military alliance, but the Golden Tribe resisted waging war against the world. In response, Namor led his people against Wakanda, claiming the life of Ramonda. He was ultimately defeated by Shuri, now the new Black Panther, and was forced to yield, still expecting that eventually Wakanda would ask for his help.




Attuma was one of the leaders of the Talokanil Army and was among the best warriors. When they found a Vibranium Detector in the ocean, Attuma and his army went to stop the Humans. They swiftly killed Jackson and Rita Salazar before using hypnotic chants to force the Humans overboard. Attuma then dragged Henderson off the ship before jumping out of the water with Namora.




Talokanil Spear:

The Talokanil Spear is made of Vibranium, giving it the capability to cut through almost anything. The Talokanil Spear can also match the Vibranium Spears of the Dora Milaje. Though similar in appearance and made of the same material, the Vibranium Spear of the Dora Milaje is retractable and have measures against unauthorized use, while the Talokanil Spear does not.


Trident of Neptune:

After the fall of Poseidon his trident was given to Namor as he was worthy of becoming the new ruler of Atlantis. This trident possess the capabilities of an Atlantean and has water manipulation. It gives the user water breathing ability and extreme amounts of strength in water.


Vibranium Zulu Short-Spear:


Erik Killmonger wielded a spear that he had broken down to the size of a small blade, which he wielded as a knife-like weapon. He used it to combat T'Challa in order to fight for Wakanda's throne. Killmonger wielded it again as he was fighting the Dora Milaje, Nakia and Shuri and in the Duel in the Great Mound in his final fight with Black Panther. During the fight, T'Challa stole Killmonger's spear and stabbed him in the heart to kill him.


Vibranium Ikakalaka Sword:

Erik Killmonger wielded the Vibranium Ikakalaka Sword in order to combat T'Challa for Wakanda's throne. Killmonger wielded it again as he was fighting the Dora Milaje during the Battle of Mount Bashenga. He dropped it before T'Challa pushed Killmonger into the Great Mound.




Black Panther Upgraded suit:

This armor has two variations. The normal one which can be crafted and the charged one which is dropped by Black Panther.


Black Panther civil war suit:

Black Panther classic armor:


Black Panther Shuri Armor:

Black Panther 1,000,000 B.C Armor:

T'challa Outfit:

Shuri Battle Armor:

Erik Killmonger mercenary armor:

Killmonger Golden Jaguar Armor:

Namor Kukulukan Armor:

Namor classic armor:




Turn on the experiments given below, then turn on both resource and behavior pack, then turn on creative mode. Creating a new world is better.


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