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MCPE/Bedrock Clothes Addon  

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Clothes Addon


Do you want to have different variations of clothing into the game for role play or just want something new to wear apart from your armor? Well this add-on is just for you! Enjoy ?


This add-on adds 5 different clothing in the game. The clothes does not act like armor and does not have any special effects apart from it makes you look cool. This add-on works on every platform and even works with multiplayer and realms without turning on experimental mode.

How can I wear the clothes you asked? You can used commands to put on the clothes.

By doing the “/function” command and adding clothes/’category’/”name” you can wear the clothes.


“/function clothes/body/jacket2”

You would put on the blue jacket.

You can easily remove this by doing

  • /function clothes/remove


You can now change your elytra models

You can change it by doing /function elytra/”name”

You will be able see your elytra model by equipping any kind of chestplate or elytra.

This does not remove the clothes if you have them equipped.

You can remove the elytra custom model by doing

  • /function elytra/remove


I also added 16 variants of bunny ears.

Here as you can see I can equip the bunny ears and the jetpack

More clothes coming soon!

Enjoy and have fun ?

  • Sorted the clothes into categories.
  • Fixed the clothes visibility when in first person.
  • Added 2 new hats



Posted : 05/08/2020 7:10 pm