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MCPE/Bedrock Craftable Horse Gear  

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Craftable Horse Gear


There are times you want things a little easier to access, such as getting a saddle, or some diamond house armor. Why should you have to travel the world to find it when you yourself can craft things with those materials already? Well, now you can craft them! 


This behavior pack allows you to craft iron, gold and diamond house armor. It also allows you to craft saddles and name tags, all with logical recipes.

Horse armor:

The horse armor recipe is based on the vanilla leather horse armor recipe, only with the resources traded out. 


Gold :

Diamond :


Saddle & Name tag:

Saddle :

This recipe is based on the shape of a saddle, without making it expensive to craft. 

Name tag:

This recipe was made of an iron nugget for the loop, paper for tag. It also includes a feather and ink for the quill to write with. 


This behavior pack requires experimental gameplay to function. And had a very small download size. 

creator: PrincePandaman


Posted : 22/05/2020 4:52 pm