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MCPE/Bedrock Crazy Tools Addon

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Crazy Tools Addon

This is an addon that adds 25+ new tools to Minecraft! This includes everything from axes to shovels to time bananas! Everything is completely survival friendly too, with crafting, durability, and enchants.



Everything you need to know is in the video below

All items in-game:

Tools: (top left to bottom right)


Thiccaxe: Mines a 3x3 area around the player when a block is broken

Heavy pickaxe: Breaks netherite and obsidian quickly, turns stone into cobblestone

Icepick: Mines all types of ice quickly

Boost Pickaxe: Interact to gain haste for a few seconds, uses lots of durability


Axepick: Mediocre axe and mediocre pickaxe, but does both!

Fire axe: Chops processed wood items (planks, chests, etc.) quickly


Snow shovel: Breaks snow quickly

Pirate shovel: Breaks sand quickly

Other 'normal' tools:

Cropinator: Good hoe that tills a 3x3 area

Brick breaker: Quickly breaks bricks and cracks them too

Ability tools:

Dash: Gives 1 second of very fast speed then a 10-second cooldown

Leap: Launches the player in the air then gives them slow falling with 10-second cooldown


Op Key: Disables fall, fire, and drowning damage

Phantom Key: Disables phantom spawning


Mob sucker: Sucks in all mobs within 30 blocks

Item sucker: Sucks in all items and XP within 20 blocks

Other crazy tools:

Pearl sniper: Teleports the player wherever they look

Syringe: Fills up your health

Snorkel: Allows breathing underwater

Pathmaker: Makes 3x3 paths wherever you walk

Ore upgrader: upgrades ores to blocks

Weedwacker: Destroys all nearby tallgrass and flowers

Light placer: places light blocks

Effectorizer: Gives all nearby players and mobs a random effect

Time banana:

Time banana: Allows you to skip ahead in time

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Known issues:

-Some items that require the screen to be held may not work on mobile


The video below is a full tutorial on how to install and use addons


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