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MCPE/Bedrock Custom World Generator

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Custom World Generator

Play in a completely new world!Have you ever been bored of the way Minecraft worlds generate themselves? Sure, Minecraft is a great game, but the way the worlds load can get boring after some time. Ever wanted a place with just jungles, or something crazy? Normally that would be impossible,  but with this custom world generator, it's entirely possible! This world looks utterly amazing, and everything is completely different!  


What does the custom world generator change?

Well, first of all, everything is much more rounded and large. Trees are quite large, and the ground rolls up and down without any interference. Mountains are made out of more than just stone. They use sand, gravel, andesite, dirt, granite, and diorite to make a more realistic image. Caves are more cylindrical and are steeper. They also protrude the surface more. The majority of the forests are jungles, and they are extremely expansive and large. The trees themselves are larger than your normal tree, sometimes being so high you can't see the top. This works great for a server, or perhaps just as a fun little Realm-Survival world. 

What can I use this for?

  • Custom server spawn
  • Custom survival world
  • Custom UHC
  • Custom SMP
  • Minigames (Deathmatch, Survival Games, etc)



Removed any suspicious links, by replacing all of them with new and different ones. 


When installing this world, first press the download button (not zip), which takes you to the full download site, with all the features listed above, as well as a quick download.

Assuming you pressed the download button, wait 6 seconds for the top right corner to say "skip". Press it. Then scroll down until you arrive at the free access button, press it, and you will be taken to the download site.

Make sure to finish the assigned task(s) to continue. For the "read news article" task, press it, wait 10 seconds, and close. You don't have to waste time on the articles.

Once all tasks are done, the download will be complete, and all you have to do is locate the black box and press the blue download button inside. The purpose of this method is to securely give purchasers their download link, without people pirating or corrupting the site.

A file will open if you have done this all correctly, which when pressed will export the world to your Minecraft worlds. (Please note: Make sure to have Minecraft open first.)

If the file is a (.zip), you will have to convert it to a .mcworld for it to work. 

Enjoy your world!

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