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MCPE/Bedrock Damage Indicators Script (Updated)  

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Damage Indicators Script (Updated)


An addon which takes advantage of the new Scripting API to provide damage indicators for mobs, presented at the top left of your screen. It is fully multiplayer compatible, and will not intrude on your Minecraft experience.



This script will show a health bar for mobs/players you aim/hover on.

There’s a small demo of this in action on my Twitter:


  • Will show the name of the entity if available, otherwise the entity’s identifier
  • Works on Multiplayer servers with the behaviour pack installed
  • Automatically resizes to fit multiple screen sizes
  • Will work on versions 1.10+ on Windows 10 (Once BlockLauncher supports unlocking scripting again, Android should be supported)


This is using the new Scripting functionality available in the latest bedrock versions, and specifically takes advantage of those added in the 1.10 update.


  • If you see a picture of my Minecraft skin face in the preview area, that means that the entity you’re looking at isn’t one that I added to my list, and you’ll see my wonderful face instead! ?
  • This will not show the image of the faces of other players.
  • Developer? Take a look at the server script for some details about the code (scroll down a bit)…

Custom Entity Support

  • Starting with addon v1.1.0 you can add images for your own entities.
  • In the resource pack folder for this addon, go into the folder experimental_ui/custom and place .png files in there which are the id of the entity you wish to add. For example, with an entity of the id dinosaurs:trex (this is the id used in the summon command) the file would be trex.png.

The Scripting API is still an experimental feature. I do not recommend using it in your primary survival world.


  • Updated for 1.16 entities including those missed since 1.12
  • You can now add custom images for your custom entities



Ensure that:
  1. You are using version 1.10+ on a supported platform (Windows 10)
  2. You have enabled Experimental Gameplay



Posted : 05/07/2020 11:36 am