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MCPE/Bedrock Damp Revenge v1  

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Damp Revenge v1


Swamps are Hollow filled with only TWO mobs unique to the biome, After the Voting of Minecon These Mobs raised up and seek their Damp Revenge

These mobs are a lot different than your usual vanilla mobs, With Pets, Strange Junk and Mutated Beings plaguing the Moist Lands


Awoken Mobs


Damp Crawler – The Basics of all these Mobs, These guys sprint to you If you try to run or too far away.

Venomous Void – Small Beings with Poisonous tipped teeth and a Poison Aura

Dark Troll – Small Variant of a Venomous Void with a Slowness Aura

Cifyling – Giant Plant with a hunger for players, Can be used to protect you’re base!

Damp Voler – Wolf Like Mob lost In the swamp, Gives off a Regeneration Aura when Tamed (Tamed with Damp Monstrosity)

Zolker – Sunburnt Beast with Roars to catch their prey by surprise

Infected Mobs (More Soon)


Decayed Villager – Appears when a Swamp Creature attacks a Villager, Or rarely In a swamp

Loot & Crafting Recipes


Any Creature – Damp Flesh

Any Creature – Dark Eye

Any Creature – Damp Mutton

Any Creature (not cifyling) – Poisonous Tooth

Cifyling – Dead Herbs

Zolker – Damp Monstrosity (rare)


Combining All Items (except Damp Monstrosity)

Will create three Damp Monstrosity’s 

Crafting – Doesn’t need a shape! Create It In any shape you want It to! (Crafting Table Only)




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Made by Lord_Tomato




Windows 10, Mobile, PS4, Xbox



Posted : 13/08/2020 1:54 pm