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MCPE/Bedrock Darwin's Frog

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Darwin's Frog

(Warning maybe this addon will not work on Windows 10 edition)

Yes, the Darwin's frog it's now here in minecraft, a little frog from the patagonic cold forests, a endangered one, i have made this add-on with one hope, and that is, that the world start knowing about this frog endemic of Chile and Argentina, we need to save it from the extinction.



This frog it's supossed to spawn in the roofed forest and the jungle, but for some reason, it doesn't spawn in the roofed forest; they usually spawn alone or in little groups, in anywhere in the jungle.


This frog is insectivore, and when they see any arthropod, the frog it's gonna attack it and kill it, this frogs do the same damage than an iron sword; they also can breath underwater, but this kind of frog isn't very interested in the water, they are also very slow, because in the reality this frog doesn't move so much of they position.


Yes you can tame one of this frogs!! with an spider eye, in the reality having this kind of frog as a pet isn't a really good idea, but in this add-on they can be your friends, and you have to take a good care of them, because they doesn't have so much hearts of life, but they will follow you forever!!


 A bug in the addon?? yeah this doesn't hear well, but keep calm, it's better than it's sounds, when i was creating the frog, the first version was like the strange thing in the image, but i solved it, but strangely in the final version, like the story of Herobrine, this bug remains, and sometimes spawn in the jungle in parallel with the normal frogs... This strange thing cloned itself, and now i don't know how to remove it... it's a little bit spooky.



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