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MCPE/Bedrock Death Counter (Add-On) [1.16+]

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Death Counter (Add-On) [1.16+]


Wondering how many times you died in your survival world? Oh well, you didn’t have this addon that time for you to check how many times you died, but now you can add this addon to your world. This addon will count your deaths using scoreboard!


Death Counter Addon.
Many of you may have wondered how to make them either with commands or addon.

This version of death counter uses an addon and function packs. There are a lot of ways you can make death counters with. For example using commands you can use xp to detect death count, but here in this addon we used queries and animation controllers. It’s as compact as it can get.

Everytime a player dies it will show how many times they died using scoreboard. For example I up there died 6 times in total.

I died again which added score of 1 to the death scoreboard. So, everytime a player dies it will show how many times they died!

If you want to switch up the place where it shows the players death you can do so by typing in minecraft chat:

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar

If you want the death to display in the main menu type in minecraft chat: 

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay list death

If you want the death scoreboard to display under a players name. Type in minecraft chat:

/scoreboard objectives setdisplay belowname death


If you want to change the scoreboard play name go in the functions folder

Open the start.mcfunction file

Edit the text after dummy to however you want the death scoreboard to be displayed!




Click the link above in blue that says 'Download Link'. Follow the steps the website gives you to download the death counter addon!



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