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MCPE/Bedrock Do the Splits

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Do the Splits

With this add-on, you can do the splits on any block without any commands , right in survival ! Works great in multiplayer and doesn't replace any vanilla animations !


This addon will allow you to do splits without any commands. You can only do the splits if you are standing on the ground (you cannot split in flight or in the water). When you do a split and someone hits you, you will not get a knockback. Also, if someone breaks the block below you and you start to fall, you will stop doing the splits. And when you do the splits you can only turn your head 90 degrees.

How to use:

Look down as far as possible, then press "sneak" and then jump.

To get up, sneak or jump.


The player splits:



This addon only works on version 1.16.100 and above. If your version of minecraft is lower (1.16.5 \ 1.16.4 \ 1.16.0) this addon will not work!

This addon does not require any experimental world options to be enabled!

This addon works great in multiplayer!


Is this addon compatible with other addons?

This icon in the name of an addon means that this addon is not compatible with most addons from other creators. Also, all my add-ons with this icon are not compatible with each other.


Click "Download" then when the page loads scroll down and find the "Free access with Ads" button and click on it. Then scroll up a bit and find "Discover interesting acticles" and click on that. A window will appear and you click on the cross, the inscription "wait 9 seconds" will appear, you wait and then click again on the cross and it will close. When it is closed click on the gray "Continue" button and hurray you did it!

creator: sirob

Topic starter Posted : 10/06/2021 7:44 pm