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MCPE/Bedrock Expansivecraft Beta 2

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Expansivecraft Beta 2

This addon is still in beta so there will be things added.This is a addon that adds more items to your game and adds 2 new mobs and if you like a lot of mobs than this addon will be great for you when it is out of beta.


The blocks in this addon are  Sapphire Ore found beneath y40 and the Sapphire Block 


The candy zombie is found in forests of most kind and it will drop candy flesh which is turned into crushed candy


The Sapphire Apple gives you night vision and the rainbonium Apple gives you regen the sapphire apple is crafted with a Apple and sapphire the rainbonium Apple is crafted with a Apple and rainbonium


creator: Bigbraineden


Added Silver Ore and textures of some items and blocks have been changed and added a few more little things and items


1 install the file 2 import it to Minecraft 3 apply both packs 4 create a world or apply it to a existing worlds.

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