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MCPE/Bedrock Fruit Frenzy Addon  

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Fruit Frenzy Addon



Welcome to the world of Fruit Frenzy! This addon adds over 20 new fruits to the game and they allow you to create delicious smoothies. Each smoothie gives you special effects when you drink them along with filling your tummy. This addon is still in its early phase, additional features like growing trees and plants will be added in future updates! Please stay tuned and enjoy creating smoothies with your friends.


New Mobs

This addon adds a new mob to the game named the Forager. They are green wandering traders who travel the world searching for people who are interested in trading for their exotic fruits not from the Minecraft world. You will need Frenzy Coins in order to purchase fruits. Frenzy Coins can be obtained through killing the monsters zombies, skeletons, spiders, witches.


Now that you have obtained fruits from the Forager you wonder how to create smoothies. Blenders are introduced in this game and they act as stationary villagers where you combine fruits and milk to create smoothies. The crafting recipes are seen below.

Fruits and Smoothies

Now that you have the blenders you can start blending fruits. The smoothies give you special effects that will aid you in battle either its healing, or power. Down below are the new fruits and smoothies added.

creator: AzzyMC


Fixed the resource download link so addon is able to run (sorry about that)


Posted : 27/09/2020 7:45 pm