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MCPE/Bedrock Gif Blocks Addon  

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Gif Blocks Addon

This Addon adds seven custom blocks that have various Minecraft gifs on them! These blocks even have recipes to make them so this add-on is survival friendly. The gifs are 123x so they have plenty of detail. BONUS: Made a thousand times better then any add-on I have made before!

To make the blocks you first have to make a Gif Orb!

You then take that gif orb and put it into a stone cutter to get the blocks!

This add-on Requires EXPERIMETAL GAMEPLAY to work!

This add-on works on even the crappiest of devices so don’t worry about it lagging out your game unless you put 10,000 of them around you. : )

This add-on can be used for decoration in a house or just for messing around.

In case your wondering the blocks just use the flip book mechanics but it does one frame per tick making it essentially a video. I had to keep the videos short because they wont do anything if they are too long. As far as I can tell no one has done anything like this so if this addon gets positive feedback I will add more blocks in the future.

Please tell me about any bugs you found or just tell me what you think of it, please don’t leave a one start comment saying something stupid.

Please do not re-post this on another website or claim it as your own and any videos made about this add-on must have a link to this page.





Posted : 02/12/2019 12:27 pm