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MCPE/Bedrock Minecraft Hollow Earth Addon! The Start To Skull Island!

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Minecraft Hollow Earth Addon! The Start To Skull Island!

Life under our feet in your minecraft, monsters, dinosaurs and exotic animals, animals that you can tame and you can ride if you are brave...

Welcome to the world my monsters live "El Sando"  HA HA HA HAAAAAA!!!!

This addon was created thanks to El Sando and Arturox1958


This addon adds new mobs and new items which you will be able to craft and create, all mobs will spawn in a natural way, which will increase the risk of your death since they will want to kill you

Performance Glitches?
If the performance in the game is difficult, remove in world options “mob generation” and put this command in the chat bar “/ Kill @ e” that way it will make the game more fluid. But you must put the mobs yourself personally



Curious fact
This addon was previously called dinosaur kingdom, this changed when El Sando joined Arturox1958 (Official partner of El sando)
Who is El Sando?
El Sando is a youtuber influencer of creators of addons or minecraft materials, if you are a creator write a comment on the last video (links to YouTube channels in downloads)


Spinosaurus circle
spinosaurus stronger circle

spinosaurus nightmare circle
health: 5800
spinosaurus tamed
Tameable baby with rottenflesh

This giant dinosaur that will live in your minecraft world is too dangerous but it could be a good ally

Health:520 tamed:6000
attack:26 tamed:500
attacks:all mobs but no baby rex and rex adult
have variant:
Health:4000 attack:230
Generate: same
attacks:all mobs but no baby_rex

If you find a baby rex you can tame and take care of it to be your companion, you can ride it and its sounds are spectacular

All the rex will have very complete behaviors and animations, for example all the rex at night will sleep and also rest, making the mob very realistic

also when mounting it, put a saddle on it and it is equated with it, with perfect textures and models
could you tell him to follow you with a bone

Many addons and maps on my channel

Phantom Monsters
Flying demons, dangerous by nature, these monsters are enemies of the rex which you will always see fighting for the territory

health:340 tamed:4000
attack:12 tamed:300
attack:all mob but no mounstros phantom and player

similar to the rex, you will also find them in the form of a baby which you can tame

by taming it and putting a saddle on it you can order it to fly IN THE DIRECTION YOU LOOK AT

like the rex the textures and models of the saddles are perfect

you will be a powerful gamer if you tame these great creatures, good luck getting out of this alive



(variables tamer rex tamer mounstros phantom tamer prehistoric ravager tamer raptor)
its like a wandering trader no tradeable for now summons the pet latter of 50 seg 
Tameable whit muttoncooked 
can breed and get a mini tamer

Raptor Egg, Rex egg, spinosaurus egg.
just place the egg latter a baby will born
You can tame the egg using powdergun latter wait and a tamed baby will born

Minions calleds pets from tamer
They are not tameable they protect the tamer if the player kill the tamer they get more faster


Health:550 tamed:4500
Attack:40 attack:340
tameable baby with:    "bone",  "rotten_flesh","porkchop","beef","chicken",  "beef""muttonRaw" "porkchop", "rabbit",
jumps to target if the target its enoguth close he just going to use bite

Grim vulture

Health:230 tamed: 2300
Attack:18.5 tamed:260
Tameable with rottenflesh
Attacks prehistoric phantom mousntrous phantom player
Act like a phantom but its more bigg and attacks more faster


health:700 tamed:8000
Attack:60 tamed:400
Wild:he likes swimming and kill thing can't go to the land
tamed:using a saddle you can get a living hootweels 😎making him more faster in land and water
tameable baby with rottenflesh

Prehistoric phantom

same behavior just change
health:280 tamed:2200
attack:30 tamed:480
Mounstros phantom
health:380 tamed:3000
Attack:16 tamed:250

Prehistoric enderman

health:680 tamed:5000
attack:65 tamed:300
tameable with bone
attacks rex raptor monsters each others


same behavior from mounstros phantom 
Just changed
Health:240 tamed:2000
Attack:30 tamed:200

Sarcosuchus black
Health:560 tamed:5000
attack:49 tamed:300
Tameable baby with rottenflesh
can use for go in water look up for swing up and down for  swing down

Sarcosuchus white
Health:650 tamed:5500
attack:55 tamed:350
Tameable baby with rottenflesh
can use for go in water look up for swing up and down for  swing down

Prehistoric ravager 
The minecraft ravager but brought from the hollow earth, giant and strong, he will want to kill you every time, but you can tame him, like all the mobs of this addon !!!

Health:550 tamed:5500
attack:45 tamed:450
attacks: all mob but no other ravager prehistoric ravager and pillagers

fast and swift, murderous by nature, another dinosaur taken from the hollow earth of minecraft

Raptor Feactures:
Health:650 tamed:6500
attack:50 tamed:600
tamed ability :have a ability of attack will mounting just look down until the botton bite summon them press
only baby tameable: "chicken","beef", "muttonRaw","porkchop", "rabbit"

Summons:in a time leave a egg you can hacth it and tame the baby
tame way 2:for tame a adult use weakness effect in potion or arrow them use the alimento para dino for tame it
attack:all mobs but rex baby and adult (the variants attacks each others and kills baby)
The variant:
Same way od taming adults
The variant:
Tame way 2:same way to tame like a adult

Prehistoric strider:
Its like a normal strider but id you hit him attacks you
They can't go in water and lava die,
Health: 230 tamed:2500
attack:15 wither effect tamed: 150 wither effect
for attack need get hit  
tameable only baby "bone", "rotten_flesh","porkchop","beef","chicken","beef","muttonRaw","porkchop","rabbit"

Prehistoric creeper Feactures:
Health:650 the variant:2000 tamed:5000
attack:25 the variant:180 tamed:400
tameable: "bone","rotten_flesh","porkchop","beef","chicken","beef","muttonRaw","porkchop","rabbit"
attack:all mobs but no creepers



Ravager (vainila)
new behaviors were added to minecraft mobs, now you can tame and ride them

health:200 tamed:1500
attack:12 tamed:250
generate:taiga,jungle,swamp, desert,
Attacks:players,zombies,villagers,irom golems,snow golems

Phantom (Vanilla)
new behaviors were added to minecraft mobs, now you can tame and ride them

Team Dinosaur or Team  Monsters?
write us your favorite team here ( comment in the last video): 
Arturox1958 (Team Dinosaurs)  
El Sando (Team Monsters)  

subscribe to those channels for the next update 

First Trailer

Next Update?
for the next addon update, the arturo 1958 channel must reach 600 subscribers!!!

This addon was created thanks to El Sando and Arturox1958

Official Trailer 


Animations that failed before, such as the triceratops and raptors, improved their behavior, and new official images of new mobs in Discord

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