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MCPE/Bedrock Magic Cactus Addon

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Magic Cactus Addon

This add-on adds 6 new magic cactus to the game, each has their own seed, fruit and wand. Magic wands and fruits from the cactus, when used will give effects such as levitation and fire protection.


Cactus Engineering Table

The things of this mod are crafted on the Cactus Engineering Table made with 8 Cactus


With a cactus and Melon Seeds you can craft Prickly Pear Cactus Seeds.

All other seeds are crafted with a Prickly Pear (from a Prickly Pear Cactus) and their element.

  • Frosted Cactus Seeds: Prickly Pear + Ice
  • Water Cactus Seeds: Prickly Pear + Lilly Pad
  • Magma Cactus Seeds: Prickly Pear + Magma Block
  • Chorus Cactus Seeds: Prickly Pear + Chorus Fruit
  • Slimy Cactus Seeds: Prickly Pear + Slime Ball


Seeds can also be made from their pear type in the Stonecutter.


Cactus, Cactus Should grow to full Size after a few minutes and drop 1-2 Pears and 1-2 Seeds of their type. Certain cactus can only grow on certain blocks, It goes as follows:

  • Prickly, Slimy And Water: Grass and Dirt
  • Frosted:  Grass, Dirt, Snow
  • Magma: Soul Sand, Soul Soil and Magma Block
  • Chorus: End Stone


Pears, each gives 1 hunger point, poison 2 for a second and a positive effect that lasts for 15 seconds, some give negative affects as well. Effects:

  • Prickly Pear: none
  • Slime: Jump Boost, Nausea, Poison 2 for longer
  • Chorus: Levitation
  • Magma: Fire Protection
  • Water: Water Breathing
  • Ice: Strength and slowness

Compacted Pears

Compacted Pears are the same as pears but have 60 Seconds of Positive effect and give 4 Hunger Points.

Compacted Pears, they are crafted with 4 Pears of their type. 



Wands Have 13 durability, 25 second cool down and they all give 25 seconds of effects. Effects:

  • Slime: Jump Boost 2
  • Chorus: Levitation 2
  • Magma: Fire Protection
  • Water: Water Breathing
  • Frosted: Strength 2


The Crafting of wands requires the Empty Magic wand, crafted with 2 sticks, 1 lapis and 2 Prickly Pears.

The other 5 wands are crafted with 2 sticks, 1 Empty Magic Wand and 2 Compacted Pears.

Mystic Wands

Mystic wands have 20 durability, 10 second cool down and they all replace blocks with another type of blocks in a 1 block radius of the player.

  • Slime: Cobblestone into Slime Blocks
  • Chorus: End Stone into Purpur Blocks
  • Magma: Lava into Magma Blocks
  • Water: Water into tube Coral
  • Ice: Water into Ice


The crafting of the 5 Mystic Wands requires the Wand of their type and 8 pears of that type.

Also, Special thanks to TheGoldenHope1 for making around half the textures in this addon.

I have a discord server for my add-ons now! Discord Server:  



Download then open the files, they will then open up into Minecraft. Make sure these are checked on like this otherwise it will not work.


If you have a previous version of this addon on a world but you want to have the most updated version, just put the most updated version above the less updated version's behavior and resource pack on that world.

creator: quinndoesscouts

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