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MCPE/Bedrock Magic Scepters (Addon)

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Magic Scepters (Addon)

An adddon with which you can have special scepters with very cool abilities. This addon includes 11 items which 9 of them are scepters and 2 are magic stones with which you can craft each and every one of the scepters.

CREATOR : SebasXD224
DISCORD : SebasXD224#6430
YOUTUBE : SebasXD224



List of scepters:
- Fire Scepter
A scepter that when used will spread a lot of fire around the one who used it.

- Scepter of Levitation
A layered scepter that when used, all entities within 5 blocks of you levitate only to be whipped to the ground.

- Scepter of Speed
A scepter capable of giving you a lot of speed for a few seconds is ideal for escaping.

- Jumping Scepter
A scepter that can give you a super jump for a few seconds, is ideal for climbing slopes.

- Scepter of Healing
A scepter that is capable of giving you a healing effect for a few seconds and that serves to heal you quickly.

- Teleportation Scepter
A scepter that will give you the ability to teleport to a random point within a radius of 10 from you, although it is recommended to use it in case you are about to fall from a high place since it will teleport you to the ground automatically when you use it .

- Lightning Scepter
It is a scepter that when used will summon a horde of lightning that will attack your nearby enemies, but be careful, it is a double-edged sword since it will also hurt you.

Magic stones:
- Magic stone
This can be found in places like: Pillager Outpost, End City, Stronghold, and Masmorras, and is used to craft each of the scepters. This item is made with 4 of "Inlaid Magic Stone", it is also used to repair the scepters.

- Inlaid magic stone
This can also be found in the aforementioned structures and is used to craft the "Magic Stone" and / or repair magic scepters.

To use each of the magic scepters you simply have to select it and leave it pressed in the air, depending on the scepter you select will have a different power.



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