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MCPE/Bedrock Magical Warfare Frost Magic 1.19+

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Magical Warfare Frost Magic 1.19+

Activate your sheer cold abilities and unleash them to your foes. Let it be known that you can freeze them to death. Throw powerful glaciers. Freeze enemies and slow them down.

Frost Magic 



-Chilly Atmosphere[Hindrance]


 -Entities near you will be slowed down drastically. 

Basic Attack


-Glacier Shot[Damage]

 -Shoots a glacier that does 25 damage

 Skill 1


 -Freezes and traps maximum of 3 entities within 8 block radius in a box of ice, slowly dealing damage to those who's trapped

 Skill 2

 -Ice Ball Barrage[MultiShot|Summoning] 

-Summons an entity that shoots ice balls rapidly 

Skill 3

 -Frost Compress[Hindrance]

 -Target three entities that will be teleported above the sky inside an ice cage that deals damage to those who are inside and will trap them for a short amount of time


 -Glacier Rain[Area|Hindrance]

 -Target 1 entity, once hit, he'll be frozen in place and it will rain glaciers on him and on other entities within range of the area slowing other enemies within radius down


To acquire magic in SURVIVAL, when you first load the world, you will be given an option to choose a magic(for now It's just frost). Once you've chosen, it will occupy your first 5 slots in your hot bar.(same goes for everyone in the world)

There is also a mana system in this addon. Your mana recovers slowly through time and the maximum is 
Mana upgrades, skill upgrades, mana potions, and many other features will be added in the future!

If you play in multiplayer, once you load the world and everyone is in, once you choose a magic, everyone will be granted that magic, for now. Which means they could also become frost magic users and some skills won't work on them.

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  • Your skill items is now moveable only in your inventory. 


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