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MCPE/Bedrock Minecraft, But Anything I Spell I Get... || 1.19+

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Minecraft, But Anything I Spell I Get... || 1.19+

Hello Guys i am back with another minecraft mod and in today's mod you can combine words and make new weapons with the help of which you have to beat the game Many new recipes have been added to it, so that you can also craft Some Uncraftable items of Minecraft.

Rules: If You Are going To Review This Addon then Give me Credit In Your Video's Description and Mediafire Links Are not allowed please give the Link. 

Credit: Sharky_bite89

Mod Preview 

About This Addon

in this you In this you can take letters from A to Z. 

You will get to see all the letters from A to Z inside the game, to get these letters, you have to Break the block starting with the same letter or any minecraft Mob, then you will get these letters.  

[Example : G = Grass, S= Sheep, P= Pig]

 A new type of grass block has been added to the game, which is usually found in the plains biome, and breaking this grass block will give you the English letter G.

New Type of Leaves: you will get a new oak leaves then you can see anywhere in the overworld and it will be floating in the air if you break it you will get english letter "o".

game A new sword has also been added to the game, which has an attack damage of 1000+, which can kill any mob in Minecraft in one hit.

New Word pickaxe : Bugs Fix In Next update. 


this is Here are some mini portals that can take you to the nether and the end in a jiffy. 



 Netherite Armor( Updated) : This can give you full Netherit armor in one go. 








Hope you Enjoyed this addon 

  • Weapon Bugs Fixed 
  • Netherite Armor New Textures 
  • New Linkvertise Link added 


Tap To Download 



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