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MCPE/Bedrock Minecraft But Every 5 Minutes... (Uses Scripts)

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Minecraft But Every 5 Minutes... (Uses Scripts)


Are you done with playing minecraft casually? Probably not but anyways here is a fun little challenge you can try. The challenge is simple, every 5 minutes a random event occurs and your goal is to either survive and beat the game or just to have fun!


Main features

The addon comes with a few different commands and features. The first feature is a real time stopwatch that is shown above your hotbar. This will count the seconds and will reset every 5 minutes. When it resets one of the 60 different events will happen. Yeah you read that right 60 different events where 30 are good events also known as lucky events and 30 are bad events also known as unlucky events. A few examples of events could be you getting teleported 100 blocks up into the sky or just getting some diamonds who knows what you will be receiving. 

The commands

There are a few different important commands you should know before using this addon. The first command is /function 5minhelp this will show instruction of how to use the addon in chat. To start the addon simply type /function start5min and to stop it use /function stop5min.

Important information

When starting and stopping the addon please do NOT wear any helmet or the addon will not work. This is because the addon uses a item on the helmet slot to detect when to start and stop the addon so please do NOT wear any helmet in the starting/stopping process. After you start the addon you are free to wear a helmet. This addon should be multiplayer compatible but this is NOT tested so if there are any bugs related to multiplayer please report them to me on twitter @MitchD_03. When using multiplayer the event will be the same for all players so for example when one player gets diamonds all other will too.

Image 1: The timer which is shown on the screen:

Image 2: This text should show up when the addon is setup correctly:


Youtube video with installation instructions:


Tested on version 1.16.210 on PC (not beta), works only on PC at the moment because scripts are only supported on PC

For detailed installation instructions please watch the youtube video linked above.


Any questions/bugs found tag me on twitter with the bug/question @MitchD_03


Topic starter Posted : 06/04/2021 12:13 pm