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MCPE/Bedrock Mini Statues Addon

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Mini Statues Addon

This addon adds 7 mini statues the size of one block and new zombies necessary to create these statues. All seven statues are made the same way and work the same way.I hope you like this addon.


All seven statues are made the same way and work the same way.

There are seven statues:

 1. MCPEDL Statue

 2. Alien Demon Statue

 3. Green Dragon Statue

 4. Mutant Bug Statue

 5. Centaur Statue

 6. Iron Axe Statue

 7. Pizza Statue

How do I get these statues?

You will need two things: base and compressed cobblestone plate.
 1. Base

To get the base, you must kill the bloody zombie (has the same characteristics as the normal zombie with a slight difference in speed and damage and spawning in two forms, one with an iron helmet and the other with an iron axe) There is a 1/3 chance of getting the base and 2/3 of getting coocked beef.


Bloody Zombie


  • Bloody zombie with an iron helmet


  • Bloody zombie with an iron axe


 2. Compressed Cobblestone Plate

To get the compressed cobblestone plate, all you need is 5 cobblestones, you have to put them in the crafting table in the form of the letter (X) as shown in the picture.

After you get both the base and the compressed cobblestone plate, first, you must spawn the base in the place where you want to put the statue (you can restore the base by hitting it only) then you must put the compressed cobblestone plate in the stone cutter and then choose the statue (you can restore the plate by placing the statue's logo in the stone cutter ) Then all you have to do is put the statue on the base by right-clicking or long pressing on it and congratulations, you got the statue (to break the statue you have to hit it with a pickaxe).


  1. I add Centaur Statue.
  2. I edit Statues textures.
  3. I edit Statue animation
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