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MCPE/Bedrock Mob Disguises Add-on

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Mob Disguises Add-on


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to disguise yourself as monsters to scare your friends, or disguise yourself as that favorite animal of your best friend and surprise them? This add-on gives you the possibility to use dyes and derived materials to get masks of Minecraft mobs! Bringing masks to most Minecraft mobs, more precisely 39 mob masks, you can get masks from different mobs by combining dyes and some materials that are part of the mob, and all of these materials are put together with an empty mask that you can get with a simple piece of paper! Aah, also remember that you need some strings to put them on your face!


Creator: Jean Lucas (Twitter), (Instagram)


To obtain a mob mask, you need to craft an empty mask and then customize your mask to make it the mob mask you want. All the masks are available in the creative inventory equipment category, and it’s also available on the recipe book ( in survival game mode.

See the crafting recipe for each mask below!

Empty Mask

Chicken Mask

Bee Mask

Cow Mask

Pig Mask

Sheep Mask

Wolf Mask

Mooshroom Mask

Brown Mooshroom Mask

Llama Mask

Pufferfish Mask

Fox Mask

Arctic Fox Mask

Creeper Mask

Enderman Mask

Skeleton Mask

Wither Skeleton Mask

Stray Mask

Slime Mask

Spider Mask

Zombie Mask

Zombified Piglin Mask

Husk Mask

Drowned Mask

Squid Mask

Cave Spider Mask

Witch Mask

Magma Cube Mask

Hoglin Mask

Piglin Mask

Zoglin Mask

Ghast Mask

Blaze Mask

Illager Mask

Vex Mask

Snow Golem Mask

Iron Golem Mask

Villager Mask

Wandering Trader Mask

Zombie Villager Mask




Follow the steps to download, install and enable the add-on.

Downloading the add-on

Click on "Download Add-on" here on this page. Note: The .mcaddon is a file format with automatic installation of the pack on some devices, simply by clicking over the file to open Minecraft and install the Behavior Pack and Resource Pack automatically. But for some devices the .zip is required, and then you will be able to install manually by extracting the zip and pasting the folders in their correct directories.

After the link is opened and you are redirected to a Linkvertise page, you will need to complete the following steps:

If a message "Please validate that you are not a robot" appears when opening the link, check the reCAPTCHA box "I'm not a robot". You may have to select some images if requested! After that, follow the steps below. If this message doesn't appear, simply go to the steps.

  1. Wait 5 seconds and click Free Access with Ads. Attention! Do not click Direct Access with Premium, just click Free Access with Ads to be able to download the content for free. You don't need to purchase this add-on!
  2. To complete the Free Access steps, click on "Discover articles" and click the close button (X). After clicking, the second count will start and you must wait for 10 seconds. After completing the second count, click the close button (X) again.
  3. Once the article pop-up is closed, just click on Continue. And then, download the Add-on via Mediafire!

Installing the add-on

After downloading the add-on, follow the steps on how to install it in your game:

MCADDON: if you downloaded a .mcaddon file, simply click over the file to open Minecraft and install the Behavior Pack and Resource Pack automatically. Note: If your browser downloaded this file named "", rename this file by removing the ".zip" before clicking on it.

ZIP: if you downloaded a .zip file, you have to install manually by extracting the zip and pasting the folders in their correct directories. The folder named BP_MobDisguisesAddon must be pasted into (/games/com.mojang/behavior_packs), while the folder named RP_MobDisguisesAddon must be pasted into (/games/com.mojang/resource_packs).

Enabling the add-on

After installing the add-on, to activate in the world just activate the resource within your Resource Packs, then the behavior will be activated together. Or activate the behavior within your Behavior Packs, then the resource will be activated together.

Enable the Holiday Creator Features option in the world Experiments section for this add-on to work.


If you want to review/make a video about this content, don't use your own link, nor use the direct download link via Mediafire. Use the proper link from this mcbedrock page! You are authorized to shorten this link, which should be redirected to this official add-on page.

You cannot publish this add-on on any page, unless that page is only to describe the add-on (perhaps translating the add-on description into another language for those living in your country) and, to download, redirect the user to this mcbedrock page. It is also prohibited to publish this add-on on any application!




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