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MCPE/Bedrock More Body Actions + Pick up & Carry

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More Body Actions + Pick up & Carry

Have you ever wanted to sit down, lie down, crawl or pick up a mob or player and carry it? With this addon, you can do it without any commands, right in survival!


This addon is an assembly of 2 of my separately incompatible addons. Brief description of addons:


More Body Actions

This addon allows you to sit down, lie down, crawl and climb on the ground without any commands. Also, when you crawl, you can crawl in a 1 block hole! And when you climb on the ground, you can climb through a 0.5 block hole! Likewise, your 1st person camera drops lower when you crawl or climb on the ground.

The player is sitting:

The player lies:

The player is crawling:

The player climbs on the ground:

How to use:

To sit down, just look as far down as possible and sneak

To lie down, just look as far up as possible and sneak

To start crawling, first sit down (to sit down, just look as far down as possible and sneak) and just walk forward.

To start climbing the ground, jump while crawling. Jump again to return to crawl mode.

To get up just press sneak


Pick up & Carry

This addon allows you to pick up any mobs or players and carry them anywhere without any commands. You can pick up a mob or a player, only both of your hands are free and you are standing on the ground. (you cannot pick up a mob or player if, for example, you are standing in the water or holding something in your hand). Also, the mob or player you are carrying can hit you.

The view from the 1st person is excellent:


How to use:

To pick up a mob or player, go to him as close as possible, look at him and sneak. Then jump.

To release a mob or player, sneak, then jump.


These two addons have been placed in this assembly.

Assembly notes:

This assembly only works on version 1.16.100 and above. If your version of minecraft is lower (1.16.5 \ 1.16.4 \ 1.16.0) this assembly will not work!

This assembly does not require any experimental world options to be enabled!

This assembly works great in multiplayer!


Is this assembly compatible with other addons?

This icon in the assembly name means that this assembly is incompatible with most addons from other creators. Also, all my addons and assemblies with this icon are incompatible with each other.


Click "Download Behavior" then when the page loads scroll down and find the "Free access with Ads" button and click on it. Then scroll up a bit and find "Discover interesting articles" and click on that. A window will appear and you click on the cross, the inscription "wait 9 seconds" will appear, you wait and then click again on the cross and it will close. When it is closed click on the gray "Continue" button and you download the behavior.

Then click "Download Resource" and download the same way as the behavior.

Then activate both of these packs in your Minecraft world

creator: sirob

Topic starter Posted : 16/05/2021 6:39 pm