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MCPE/Bedrock More Iron in 1.16!

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More Iron in 1.16!

I'm really excited about 1.17, and the addition of raw iron, but I want  MORE IRON NOW! In this add-on we adjust the loot tables, smelting recipes, and ore generation to give us more iron. This add-on works!

In this add-on we adjust loot tables, ore generation, and recipes to give us more iron in 1.16 here are some things you can expect!

  • You can put many iron items back in the furnace to give you iron ingots back
  • Hoppers (aka IRON SUCKERS) are now reasonably priced to make
  • Iron Golems drop 1 or sometimes 2 blocks of  iron
  • Smelted Iron Ore gives you 2 ingots


  • Iron Ore generation is better. LOTS BETTER!


NOTE: For the ore generation to work, you have to turn on experimental game play

Hope you enjoy this add-on. Reach out to me for suggestions to make it better at this email: [email protected]


Topic starter Posted : 19/04/2021 1:32 pm