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MCPE/Bedrock Mystica Crops Addon (Lots of Bug Fixes)

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Mystica Crops Addon (Lots of Bug Fixes)


Welcome to my addon Mystica Craft! This addon adds many items, blocks and a new mob into your world. This addon adds a creative way to automate your farming. .

Let me introduce you to the new crops you will be able to plant in your world the ore plants!

The Ore Plants

These plants drop items depending on what type of ore plant it is coal, iron, gold, diamond, netherite, lapis, emerald, or redstone. These plants can only be planted of tilted soil just like a normal crop. Breaking these plants will not drop anything so be careful.

You can also Bonemeal the plants to speed its growth.

When it's in its final stage an ore chunk will appear. To harvest it you can just right click on the plant/interact with the plant then you will get an ore chunk.

(What an ore chunk looks likes. ex: coal chunk)

You can put this into a crafting table using a 2x2 recipe to get an ingot.

Mystica Book Item:

  • The most important item. It contains valuable information.
  • Sneak while holding to open book. Sneak while using the book to move to the next page.


The Harvester Golem


The Harvester Golem is an essential part of automating your ore plant farm. In order to spawn a Harvester Golem you would need to craft a Golem's Pearl.

Once summoned you would need to interact with the golem and choose a mode you like.

Golem Modes:

  • Harvest Mode: Will harvest the nearest fully grown ore plant.
  • Stay Mode: It will not do anything.
  • Go Home: It will go to the nearest Harvester Station.
  • Pick up: It would suck up the nearest items.
  • Stop pick up: It would not suck up item. Be careful turning this on it would empty its inventory
  • Auto Mode: A combine harvest and home mode after a certain amount of time it would harvest ore plants and after would go to the harvester station.

There is no way to access its inventory but you can hopper the items out of the golem.

The Harvester Station

This is another essential part of automation this is where the golems go when going home.

As you can see there are white carpets on each side of the station under those carpets are hoppers.

Harvester Golems would stand on top of those carpets and the hoppers would suck the items out.

Special Mechanics:

This addon uses different ways to get items without using the crafting table.

Getting Bell Flowers:

Toss a Lily of the valley plant on a water source or flowing water then right click/use the mystic book. Be sure to be near the lily when you use the book. Bell flowers can also be found in the overworld.

Getting Mystic Logs and Petrified Stone:


Place a Bell Flower near any logs (can't use nether variant logs) then wait for it to turn into mystic logs. The mystic logs are those green looking logs.

The Mystic Circle:

Putting items on the infuser in the correct pattern and activating it using a blank slate will output an item.

How to use:

  1. Drop items on the infusers make sure it in the correct order ( check recipe for orders)
  2. Right click/tap on the stump while holding the empty slate
  3. It will out put  your desired item/block

To know if your are placing it in the right direction look at the stump it will tell you where is north.

Gathering Sap:

Place a Tree Sap tap on a mystic log then under it put a sap catcher.

To get the sap use a glass bottle then click/tap on the sap catcher.

Sap is also edible.



You are not allowed to repost this resource/addon outside

You are not allowed to share the direct link.

Feel free to make videos just credit.


V1.20.30 Version 2:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix Infuser Recipes not working.
  • Fix Infuser Recipes drops not dropping.

Submission Page Update

  • Updated Installation Description


  • Your Minecraft language settings should be "English (United States)"
  • All experimental mode must be turned on.


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