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MCPE/Bedrock Not Enough Food Add-On

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Not Enough Food Add-On

This a Food Add-On, it in short terms adds new foods, along with their crafting recipes, into the game. You can make things like chocolate bars, burgers and more! Just know, if there are any bugs please report to the discord server, that will be all 🙂


Watch the trailer if you want, its pretty decent, I made the restaurant, Mossiprose made he music.

Theese are the Current 1.0.0 version recipes. Hopefully you guys enjoy, the addon, everything is free, it does not lag your game, and its easy to download. If you notice any major issues with the add-on then please go to the discord server, Thanks!


Installation Help:

Pc: Download the "Not Enough Food Add-On" Link

Xbox: Download the "Bes/" folder. OR extract the "Not Enough Food Addon" link in whatever files app you use 

Apple/Android: Download the "Not Enough Food Add-On". Link OR download the "Bes/" folder into whatever files app you use

Topic starter Posted : 03/05/2021 12:42 pm