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MCPE/Bedrock Real Time Clock Using Device Time (10+ colors) (12/24 Hour Formats) (Script)

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Real Time Clock Using Device Time (10+ colors) (12/24 Hour Formats) (Script)


Are you playing minecraft in fullscreen and do you keep on losing track on the time? This addon is the perfect addon for you! This addon introduces a clock using real time from the device you're playing on (At the moment PC only because it uses scripts). There is plenty of features in this addon so let's dive into it! 


Main features and commands

This addon comes with a handful of awesome features and commands to customize the clock. First of all there is the /function startclock command. This shows up a clock on the screen displaying your time in your region. To stop the clock from displaying use the /function stopclock command and the clock will disappear. After displaying the clock you can add/remove a seconds counter with /function showseconds and /function hideseconds. You can also change the notation of the clock between 12 and 24 hours using /function 12hourclock and /function 24hourclock. And last but not least there is the /function clock(color) command where the (color) field is one the following colors: aqua, black, blue, darkaqua, darkblue, darkgray, darkgreen, darkpurple, darkred, gold, gray, green, lightpurple, red, white, yellow. For example I wanted to use a blue clock I would do /function clockblue and the clock will change to blue.

Important Information

When changing ANYTHING to the clock please do NOT wear any helmet or the addon will not work. This is because the addon uses a item on the helmet slot to detect when to start and stop the addon so please do NOT wear any helmet while changing anything to the clocks. After you changed what you wanted to change you will be free to wear a helmet. This addon should be multiplayer compatible but this is NOT tested so if there are any bugs related to multiplayer please report them to me on twitter @MitchD_03.


Image 1: Getting wood with the clock enabled

Image 2: Using clock in a village


Youtube video with installation instructions: 



Tested on version 1.16.210 on PC (not beta), works only on PC at the moment because scripts are only supported on PC

For detailed installation instructions please watch the youtube video linked above.


Any questions/bugs found tag me on twitter with the bug/question @MitchD_03


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