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MCPE/Bedrock Songs of War Addon

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Songs of War Addon

Have you ever wanted to experience the world of Ardonia in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?  With custom race selection, over 15 different custom weapons, 20 songs, 1 custom boss, custom music, and entities for magnorites, ardoni, netharans, and felinas, this addon makes it so you can!


Starting out

* As soon as you move, you will be teleported to the top of the world and surrounded by bedrock
* You can get out by choosing a race
* Select the items to learn more about the race, use it to choose that race
* Once you choose a race, you will be released and teleported back down(Netharans will instead remain at the top of the world & will have to enter the nether portal by them to start playing)

* The race of a player will show above a player's head, using the same texture as the item for the race selection. Enerknights have the active obsidian helmet texture above their head instead. Example with a player who chose to be a magnorite shown below.



* The only unique thing about ardoni is that you can use songs. No other race can
* You can buy song containers from max level ardoni npcs, which you can get songs from(you need a diamond or netherite pickaxe to open song crates).
* When you stand on a shrine center, it will check for each song type 6 blocks in one direction & 1 block up
* Mobilium is west, supporium is east, protisium is north, aggressium is south
* If a song is found in the correct position, it will be activated & placed in your inventory
* Use it on a block, while standing on a shrine center, to deactivate it
* Activated songs in your inventory will become blocks again if you die

Song Power

* Using a song requires song power, each one with its own cost

* If you don't have enough power for the song, nothing will happen

* The maxinum song power is 60

* If you have less than that, you will regain 1 song power every second

* You have infinite song power in creative mode

* If you're not in creative mode, it will show your current song power above your hotbar

Mobilium songs

* Mobiliglide: Will give you speed 3 and slow falling for 7 seconds. Power cost: 15
* Mobiliflash: Teleports you 10 blocks forwards, unless there's something in the way. If there is, you'll be teleported up to it.  Power cost: 15
* Mobilibounce: When you activate the song, it will allow you to create platforms for 5 seconds. You will teleport to them on creation, and selecting another item will immediately end activation.  Power cost: 20 
* Mobiliwings: Will allow you to fly at high speeds for 7 seconds. Look up and down to control altitude, and turn to control direction. Selecting another item will immediately end activation.  Power cost: 50

* Mobilileap: Will give you jump boost 15 for 2 seconds.  Power cost: 15

Supporium songs

* Supporospike: Will cause a spike of stone to come up under every entity within 15 blocks, knocking them back & dealing some damage. If there are no entities close enough, 1 spike will be created 5 blocks in front of you. Power cost: 15
* Supporoform: Use it on a crafting table while crouching to make it so you can craft armor cheaper with it. You won't be able to craft anything else. Punch the crafting table to make it normal again. No power cost, but you must have at least 10 power to use it.
* Supporekesis: It will grab an entity that you're looking at within 5 blocks of you. The entity will be trapped 5 blocks in front of you, and you can move it by looking around. It will be moved closer if there's an obstruction. 5 second use duration, selecting another item will immediately end activation.  Power cost: 25
* Supporohide: Will give you invisibility and night vision for 10 seconds.  Power cost: 15

* Supporomine: Will give you haste 2 for 5 seconds. You will also glow during that period, creating as much light as a torch. This light follows you when you move.  Power cost: 20

Aggressium songs

* Aggrosphere: Will shoot out a slow travelling ball of energy. It does 50 damage when it hits, and will create an explosion that doesn't damage blocks. Power cost: 20
* Aggrodetonate: Throw a ball of energy that explodes on impact.  Power cost: 20
* Aggrobeam: Will shoot out a 10 block long beam that does 5 damage a second to everything caught in it, for 5 seconds. Selecting another item will immediately end activation.  Power cost: 20
* Aggroshard: When activated, it will shoot out a shard. You can then shoot up to 3 more shards over the next 5 seconds. Each shard deals 7 damage when it hits. Selecting another item will immediately end activation.  Power cost: 15

* Aggroquake: Will create a shockwave, knocking back all entities within 5 blocks of you. Will deal 8 damage to all entities knocked back in this way. Power cost: 20

Protisium songs

* Protesphere: Creates a cube of protective energy around you for 5 seconds, completely surrounding you. It breaks after receiving 15 damage.  Power cost: 20
* Proteheal: Regain 6 health when you use it.  Power cost: 25
* Protearmor: Will immobilize you for 5 seconds. If you are hurt during this time, you will take 0 damage and the attacker will get weakness & slowness 2 for 2 seconds.  Power cost: 20
* Protebarrier: Will create a 6x5 barrier in front of you, facing north, south, east, or west(depending on the direction you're looking at). The barrier lasts for 5 seconds. It will not replace existing blocks.  Power cost: 15

* Protepoint: Reduces the amount of damage you take by 50% for 5 seconds.  Power cost: 20


* When holding a staff in your offhand, it will give you a small benefit when you use a song.
* They're crafted in a weaponsmithing table.
* They appear larger than normal items, like most custom weapons do. 

Regular staves:

  • They deal 4 damage when held in your mainhand(besides protective staff, which deals 7).
  • 3 kinds of regular staves:
    • Aggressive staff: When you use a song with this staff in your offhand, you get strength 1 for 3 seconds
    • Protective staff: When you use a song with this staff in your offhand, you get resistance 1 for 3 seconds
    • Quick staff: When you use a song with this staff in your offhand, you get speed 1 for 5 seconds

Master Staves:

* They deal 5 damage when held in your mainhand(besides voltar, which deals 7)                                   * They can change the clan of ardoni when you interact with one while holding a staff
* There are 5 master staves, one for each clan:

  • Voltar: When you use a song with this staff in your offhand, you get strength 2 for 8 seconds, but you also take 3 damage. When interacting with an ardoni while holding it, the ardoni becomes a voltaris(red).
  • Nestor:When you use a song with this staff in your offhand, you get strength 1 for 8 seconds. When interacting with an ardoni while holding it, the ardoni becomes a nestoris(yellow)
  • Sendar:When you use a song with this staff in your offhand, you get speed 1 for 10 seconds. When interacting with an ardoni while holding it, the ardoni becomes a sendaris(blue).
  • Kaltar:When you use a song with this staff in your offhand, you get resistance 1 for 8 seconds. When interacting with an ardoni while holding it, the ardoni becomes a kaltaris(green).
  • Mendor:When you use a song with this staff in your offhand, you regain 4 health. When interacting with an ardoni while holding it, the ardoni becomes a mendoris(pink).



* You are immune to fire & lava
* You take damage & sink in water, to simulate being too heavy to swim
* You can't ride horses, mules, donkeys, or pigs
* You can't use your helmet slot, but it also has a 4 armor point helmet in it at all times
*  You can drink bottles of lava to heal(crafted with 3 glass bottles and a bucket of lava). If you're any other race and drink a bottle of lava, you catch on fire.
* You never get hungry, but never heal naturally either


* You always get night vision, speed, and jump boost
* You also get nausea while in water


* Standard mc gameplay
* Only race that can use potions besides netharans
* You can become an enderknight after defeating the enderdragon
* Hold the dragon egg to become one
* Once you do, you can place it down in the overworld & interact with it to start it hatching
* It will get brighter over time as it gets closer to hatching

* You'll also be able to wear obsidian armor, which you must buy from the enderkinght trader(talked about further down)

Dragon basics

* Once it hatches, feed the dragon some chorus fruit, and it will become your ally
* It will start out as a baby, and will grow up over time. You can feed it chorus fruit to speed up the process.
* While it's a baby, it will avoid monsters & have 30 health.
* Once it grows up, it will fight with you(by shooting fireballs that deal 7 damage) & have 60 health
* Feed it a chorus fruit to heal it.(5 health per fruit).
* Dragons will avoid end portals

Dragon riding

* You can ride your dragon when it's an adult.
* Look up while riding it to make it ascend
* Look down to make it descend
* Look forwards to make it glide.
* Your hotbar will have a message above it telling you what the dragon is doing of those 3, or if it's on the ground
* It has 2 modes when you're riding it: Controlled, and attack
* When it's in controlled mode, it will only listen to you(it will move as you do, like a horse would(besides jumping)
* When it's in attack mode, you can still control it, but it will also try to attack nearby monsters.
* Interact with it while riding it to make it switch between modes.
* It will always reset its mode when you stop riding it.



* You spawn in the nether(picture of your spawn structure below)

* Undead mobs won't attack you

* You can use potions too

List of mobs that won't attack you:
* Blazes
* Drowned
* Ghasts
* Husks
* Netharans
* Skeletons
* Strays 
* Zombies
* Wither skeletons
* Withers

* Piglins, Endermen, and Iron golems will always attack you



Enderknight trader

* Once you pass the enderdragon's test by defeating it, an enderknight will appear on the exit portal.
* He can sell you obsidian armor
* A full set gives 24 armor points & as much knockback resistance as netherite armor
* It's only useful for enderknigthts.
* 16 blaze rods for a helmet, 1 wither skull for a chestplate, 16 ghast tears for leggings, and 32 bones for boots.
* The enderknight will also sell the Enderblade(discussed later) for a wither rib(dropped by the wither on death in addition to the nether star), and dragon eggs for 32 magma cream.

Netharan trader

* Spawns when you first enter the nether.
* Sells the Netherblade(discussed later) for 1 dragon head.

* Endermen avoid him.


* Will attack monsters
* Are willing to fight for you if you give them a gold block
* They are neutral. If you attack one, any nearby magnorites will also attack you.
* Avoid water, and take damage/sink if in it
* You can give them lava to heal them
* Have 50% knockback resistance
* Sometimes spawns with gear.
* Will sell various tools, weapons, and armor for gold(think a mix of all 3 blacksmith villagers, but with gold)
* Have 30 health
* Can pick up most gear
* Go back home in the morning, and heal when they do.



* Generates every 512 blocks in extreme hills biomes.
* 4 magnorite homes spawn clustered together.
* Each home will have a magnorite inside

Felina Traders

* Are passive
* Will flee if attacked
* Avoid monsters
* Trade map cases at max level, which can be used to get an explorer map
* Will always sell a temple one, and either an outpost or mineshaft one.
* Go back home at night, and heal when they do.


* Has a 25% chance to generate every 160 blocks in jungle biomes.
* Will have 3 rooms for felinas.
* 2 variants: Towers and Treehouses.
* Each room will have a felina inside.

Felina guards

* Will attack you if you attack a felina
* Are neutral
* Will attack monsters
* Spawns with an iron sword or axe, and occasionally armor.
* One will spawn in every felina home.                                                          * Will heal once a day somewhere between time 1000 & time 3000


* The have a 20% chance to spawn with the ability to use either Aggroshard, Aggrodetonate, or Aggrosphere.
* Otherwise they might spawn with a weapon
* They will be neutral if they can use a song or have a weapon, and are otherwise passive.
* Attacking one will alert nearby ardoni to attack you too
* Ones who can fight will attack monsters
* Ones with no weapon & no song can pick one up. Ones with a weapon will switch to better gear if they can use the better one.
* They can sell/buy various plants & fish for gold until they reach the max trading level.
* When they reach it, they buy obisidan, and sell song containers for 32 gold and 2 diamonds
* They go back home at night, and heal when they do.


* Generates every 512 blocks in plains biomes.
* 4 Ardoni homes spawn clustered together around a shrine.
* They all face the shrine.
* Each home will have an ardoni inside.


* Spawn in the center of Ardoni Villages.
* Has a shrine center in the middle, and pedestal blocks on the edges to show how songs should be placed(no effect, just cosmetic).


* Are hostile to players(unless the player is a netharan)
* Will attack piglins, piglins attack them.
* Will spawn anywhere wither skeletons can.
* Can pick up gear.
* Can drop gold, iron, and coal
* Have 40 health
* Deal 4 damage with no weapons
* Will spawn with either a stone sword, an iron axe, an iron sword, or an enchanted gold sword(always with fire aspect, sometimes other enchantments).


* They will attack anything that isn't a jaggathan, but will prioritize attacking players.

* Jaggathans have 450 health. They heal up when not in combat.
* They drop 1 jaggathan horn and 100 xp on death.
* 1 Jaggathan will spawn in a structure specific to them that spawns on a 16384x16384 grid
* The structure will not spawn in biomes where monsters can't spawn or in the ocean

* They have 2 close ranged attacks, and 2 far ranged attacks.

Close ranged attacks:

 * Melee: The jaggathan will start attacking the player using melee attacks that deal 9 damage(50% chance)
 * Roar: The jaggathan will roar like a ravager, knocking back all entities within 8 blocks of it & dealing 12 damage(50% chance)

Far ranged attacks

 * Fireballs: The jaggathan will shoot fireballs in bursts of 3. The fireballs deal 8 damage and explode without breaking blocks(70% chance)
 * Ram: The jaggathan will try to ram its target. A hit deals 18 damage. If you block it with a shield, it becomes stunned for 2 seconds(30% chance)


* Note: Weapons with cooldowns apply it to all weapons in your inventory
* All weapons but Reaper's scythe can be enchanted
* Agile sword(Niika's swords): +5 damage, gives jump boost 2 for 2 seconds whenever you hit something. You can hold one in your offhand to deal an extra 2 damage while wielding it.
* Armblade(Val's weapons): +6 damage. You can hold one in your offhand to deal an extra 2 damage while wielding it
* Corrupted Greataxe(Pythus' axe): +7 damage. Infilicts wither 2 for 4 seconds on anything you hit with it.

* Corrupted Halberd(Necrolord's halberd): +6 damage. Infilicts wither 1 for 2 seconds on anything you hit with it.
* Courageous Spear(Ria's spear): +6 damage. Can be used to give you strength and speed 1 for 5 seconds. 20 second cooldown.
* Courageous Staff(The Tidesinger's staff): +7 damage. Can be used to give you strength and speed 2 for 5 seconds. 20 second cooldown.
* Defensive Greatsword(Thalleous' sword): +7 damage. You get resistance 2 and slowness 3 while holding it.
* Defensive Halberd(Kiyoshi's halberd): +6 damage. You get resistance 1 and slowness 2 while holding it.
* Ender blade: +9 damage. You can use it to shoot out an enderpearl. 15 second cooldown
* Hopeful Sword(Senn's sword):+6 damage. Can be used to give you regeneration 2 for 4 seconds. 20 second cooldown. Can't be crafted, must be bought from the enderknight npc.
* Nether Blade: +9 damage. You can use it to shoot out a fireball that deals 10 damage & some splash damage. 15 second cooldown. Can't be crafted, must be bought from the netharan npc.
* Purifying Sword(Vulcannus' sword): +8 damage. You heal 1 health everytime you hit something with it.
* Reaper's Scythe(Grim's scythe): +6 damage. Can be thrown. While in the air, it can hit multiple entities, and will deal 6 damage when thrown.
* Soulseeker: +10 damage. You get weakness 1 while holding it if you have something in your offhand. You'll also get speed 2 for 5 seconds whenever you hit an enemy.

* Thief's Knife(Jalkar's knife):  +4 damage. You can hold one in your offhand to deal an extra 2 damage while wielding it. Will afflict anything hit by it with fatal poison 1 for 2 seconds
* Vengeful Broadsword(The Deathsinger's sword): +7 damage. Damage increases as you lose health(75-50%:extra 2 damage, 50-25%: extra 4 damage, below 25%: extra 7 damage).
* Weakening Sword(Tygren's sword): +6 damage. Inflicts weakness 1 for 5 seconds on anything you hit with it.

* Crafting weapons: You need a special crafting table, called the weaponsmithing table, to craft the weapons in this addon. All item recipes are shown inside of it with the crafting menu of the weaponsmithing table

Cosmetic Armor

Regional armor:

* Each armor type has the same protection as iron armor, is unbreakable, and can't be enchanted.

* Each kind can be crafted with a piece of iron armor & another ingredient. You can do this without a crafting table, and the recipes show up in the crafting ui in the inventory.

Armor types:

  * Conchord(crafted with sticks)

  * Crown Peak(crafted with stone bricks)

  * Cydonia(crafted with sand)

  * Etherea(crafted with lapis lazuli)

  * Felden(crafted with cocoa beans)

  * Hydraphel(crafted with kelp)

  * K'arthen(crafted with magma blocks)

  * Northwind(crafted with snowballs)


* There are both nether and end crowns.

* When activating the nether/end blade, you will get the crown for that dimension.

* Crowns are worn in the helmet slot, and are purely cosmetic.


* Alchemy table: Can be crafter. Allows you to craft fire charges out of quartz & ender pearls, and iron gear out of gold gear & quartz. Recipes can be found when in the crafting ui for it.

Crafting recipe:

* Song altar: Can be crafted. When interacted with, will destroy any song placed directly over it, giving 20-30 xp. Note that you must sneak to place the song on it.

    Crafting recipe: 

* Shrine block: Can not be crafted. Use it to activate songs if you're an ardoni(see how in the ardoni section).
* Song container: Can not be crafted. You must buy it from max level ardoni. When interacted with, if you are holding a diamond or netherite pickaxe, it will drop a random song & destroy itself.
* Weaponsmithing table: Can be crafted. Use to craft custom weapons.

    Crafting recipe:


Warp beacons

 * You can craft warp beacon frames like a normal beacon, just without the nether star
  * The frame can be placed, and then activated by using a warp beacon core on it
  * You can craft 2 warp beacon cores with a nether star
  * Once activated, it will look like a normal beacon, including the beam. You can interact with it to be teleported to the Rift
  * It needs to have a 3x3 platform of blocks that can activate a beacon under it to work
  * In the rift, you'll see blocks that look like the center of a beacon in front of you. Each one corresponds with 1 warp beacon, step on it to teleport to it.
  * You can have up to 7 warp beacons active at once
  * They work across dimensions
  * Warp beacons will disable nether portals within a 30x30 cube centered on the beacon
  * Punch a warp beacon to deactivate it. You'll get a warp core back
  * If you are in the rift & there are no active beacons, you'll be killed
  * You can not warp when fighting the enderdragon.

Crafting recipe:



  • Music from songs of war replaces most vanilla music.
  • Custom panorama for initial loading.

Creative mode tools(texture shown below):

  • Look like thalleous' own brand peas in the inventory
  • Can be found under items
  • There are 3: 1 to reset your race, 1 to give you all custom blocks, and 1 to create a shrine.


Black plasma studios for SoW
Machine Builder for frg(not directly used, but it helped me figure out how the feature rules system worked).
Crovono for large structure workaround
SyKo: Basis of warp beacon code in their Return Anchor addon
AfterInfinity:All sound effects/music

Usage of this addon

  • Feel free to use this addon in any way you want. If you put it in a modpack, or use features from this addon in an addon of your own, credit me. You don't need to credit me if you are just taking inspiration from the addon without copying anything, though it would still be appreciated.


  • Updated image for regular staves to reflect the textures of them being fixed


  • Fixed protective staff having the wrong texture(it's supposed to be Zulius' staff, but actually had a slightly different texture)


You must have the holiday creator features & creation of custom biomes experimental toggles on for this addon to function. 

If you have issues with the addon, try disabling any other behavior packs in the world. 

To install an update, you must first delete the resource and behavior packs from your storage. You'll also need to reactivate them in the worlds you have them applied to.

creator: BlazeDrake

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