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MCPE/Bedrock Supreme Wizard Leader Boss (Updated)

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Supreme Wizard Leader Boss (Updated)

This addon adds 1 boss in the game.the Supreme Wizard Leader.He is the leader of all wizards and evokers,he can deal a large amount of damage using his powers to destroy everyone.It is too difficult to stop him,but you can challenge him if you're brave or strong enough.(Read all descriptions first)


How this addon work?

Here are some features of this addon listed below:


•And here are his powerful attacks:

•He can summon 5 evokers once

•He can able to teleport

•He can shoot fireballs that he deals large amount of damage

Picture #1:


Picture #2:

If you want to beat him,get equipped with diamond or netherite armor,diamond or netherite sword,64 golden apples(enchanted apple) some totem of undying and some potions and food.You can also summon him in command or spawn egg. In command,type /summon sw:supreme_wizard before you challenge him or with your friends.

Here are some updates:

•His Health increased from 1650 to 2000

•Added new mob,the Supreme Wizard's Clone



•Armed with Netherite Sword

•Fireball retextured


Added new mob

Added a second link for the updated version

Have fun!


Click the link below to install this addon.The updated version is the second link.

creator: EntityGamer

Topic starter Posted : 01/05/2021 10:38 am