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MCPE/Bedrock ThunderNull's Pakour Blocks Addon

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ThunderNull's Pakour Blocks Addon

Have you made a parkour map, and felt bored with it? Well this Addon come probably spice those maps up! Using my Parkour Blocks Addon you can do so much things. Each Block has a different category. Decoration Blocks, Item Blocks, Effect Blocks, Connection Blocks, Teleportation Blocks and Feature Blocks.Want To Know Which Block Do? Well Read Down Bellow!


There Are Many Blocks Made on this Addon..

So I split into Categories on which type of Block will be..

All Blocks:


Note: Some Blocks When Place will Remove or Hide the Source Block, thats why its in item frames.


Decoration Blocks


This Contains:

  • Nothing Block
  • Beta Block
  • Nothing Slab Block
  • Up, Down, Left, Right Blocks
  • Pause Block
  • 4 Diagonal Blocks
  • Exit Sign Block
  • Warning Sign Block
  • 3 Window Blocks
  • 3 Maker Walls / 2 Maker Floors
  • Gamemode Switcher Blocks

Info about some Blocks:

Wall and Floor Maker will place ONLY nothing blocks.

Walls will be 3 to 5 blocks high 

Floors have 3x3 option or 5x5


Item Blocks


This Contains:

  • Ender-Pearl Block
  • Snowball Block
  • Elytra Level 1-3 Block
  • No Elytra Block

Info about some Blocks:

You only get 1 item on stepping block, stepping multiple times will not give you more than 1. (Unless If there is a bug)


Effect Blocks


This Contains:

  • Jump Boost Level 1-5
  • Speed Boost Level 1-5
  • Regeneration Level 1-5
  • Levitation Level 1-5
  • Slow-Falling Level 1-5
  • Resistance Level 1-5
  • Poison Block
  • Wither Block
  • Cleanse Block

Info about some Blocks

Effect Amplifier dont match with the Level's number.

Cleanse Block = Remove Effects


Connection Blocks


This Contains:

  • Connection Block [On/Off]         (Nickname: Wifi Block)
  • Wires Block [On/Off]
  • Glass Maker [On/Off]
  • Expander [On/Off]
  • Compacter [On/Off]
  • Compacter Slab [On]

Info about some Blocks:

These Blocks work similarly as wireless redstone. 

These Blocks can't open doors/gates or any redstone components.

Wifi Block is the main source to switch them on and off. 

Compacter when steped will make into a slab

Expander will Expand by a 3x3 Nothing Blocks

Glass Maker will make a 3x3 or a 5x5 (Depends on what block you pick) glass around the block if on

Wire Blocks have a Range of 2-3 Blocks Around the Wires

Wifi Block can range 2-3 Blocks to connect wire blocks

Wire Blocks Can Connect to Expander, Compacter and Glass Maker if its near the 2-3 Blocks Range

Compacter Slabs wont turn off [For Now]

Teleportaion Blocks


This Contains:

  • Teleport X
  • Teleport X-
  • Teleport Y
  • Teleport Y-
  • Teleport Z
  • Teleport Z-

Info about some Blocks

As For Right Now, All Teleportaion Blocks are a range of 2 Blocks. [More Will Come In Future Update]

Feature Blocks


This Contains:

  • Clone Blocks [All Directions]
  • Conveyers [X , Z, X-, Z-]
  • On / Off Blocks
  • On / Off Switchers
  • Snake Blocks [All Directions]
  • Boom Block [Level 1-2]
  • Water / Fire Blocks
  • Lightning Block
  • Magic Block
  • Invisible Maker Blocks [3-5]
  • Pulser Block [StopWaves]
  • Key Block
  • Key Hole Block
  • Key Removal Block
  • Structure Maker Block [Changer / Unchanger]
  • Breaking Block
  • Checkpoint Block
  • Start Block
  • Death Block
  • Hanging Block
  • WallJump Block
  • SlowBeam Block

Info about some Blocks

Breaking Block will not break instantly making running through them harder

Start Block will always gamemode you to adventure

Wall Jump Block Will tp you when in radius of 1 in each side of block

Changer Block will need structure_void in order to change

Key Block will give you a key

To Unlock the Key Hole, get the Key from the Key Block and drop next to it

Pulser will make you stop for a bit.

Invisible Maker Blocks will place a barrier depending on what height

Invisible Maker Blocks will keep producing Barriers so even if you brake the barrier on top, it will regenerate until you break the source block which is the IMB

Have to be at least underneath of a Hanging Block

Look Down Completely  to Get off a Hanging Block

Magic Block will summon Evocation Fangs

Boom Blocks will turn off MobGriefing Rule.

Snake Block will brake when hit to another Block

Snake Block can speed up sometimes so be careful

On/Off Switchers will turn On/Off Blocks in a 3 Block Radius, anything beyond the point will not work!

Conveyers Are Moving Slow


How to Obtain These Blocks?

Well for Right Now, Its Impossible, to get these blocks in survival.

To get these Blocks, you have to go to your creative inventory, and find custom items. These items have a category on which block. 

Category Blocks are listed up above!


Important Info:

You have to activate Experimental Mode in order to see these Blocks!


Do Not Reupload, Put My Textures into your addons, or Steal Credit .


You may, Play this Addon, Share this Addon with others, Make Cool Stuff, Be Inspired to make one of your own Pakour Blocks Addon!


Addon Made by: Me

Textures Made by: Me

Or as known as TerenceBird [Minecraft Account]


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  • creator: TerenceBird
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