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MCPE/Bedrock TreesFacilities Add-on V1

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TreesFacilities Add-on V1


Having difficulty to make trees decoration, you are not good at building trees? This is not anymore a problem ! With this add-on wich add in this version 13 trees and an easy place system, you will be able to make beautiful worlds ! (It is not a survival add-on)





How to use it ?


If you activate the add-on for the first time on your world, don’t forget to do the setup command or it will not work : /function RTFsetup


To use TreesFacilities you have different items :


 – Place the tree(s) position.


 – Remove the tree position


– These items is for choosing the tree you want                                                                                              to place. There is 13 trees, 2 big trees and 11                                                                                              medium trees


 – Rotate the tree (Before it placed)


– Generate the tree at the positions placed. – You can generate several at                                                 the same time-


It’s simple :

Use the item “tree position”, Choose the tree you want to place with the items “Next trees” and “Previous tree” ,rotate it (0°, 90°, 180° or 270°) and finally generate the tree !


Don’t forget to activate the experiments


This creation is under a license


If you make a video on, put the link to mcbedrock not on mediafire. Linkvertise allow me to continue making add-ons and updates.

This add-on can be posted on other website until the download link is mcbedrock. 




My youtube channel :

My Twitter :

My discord : Raycka13•#4421


Future updates : Watch the video 🙂





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