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MCPE/Bedrock Wildfire Add-On

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Wildfire Add-On

The Hovering Inferno was one of the mobs available in the Minecon mob voting 2017. Now that this one, "Mob D", will gets added to Minecraft Dungeons as the Wildfire I decided to make a boss mob out of that. It comes with an exclusive piece of armor, a custom projectile, ranged and melee attacks and 2 boss phases.


The Wildfire Boss

Before the fight

This boss needs to be manually summoned by the player.

However, commands are not required. Instead you need to build an altar and interact with it. You also need a little luck.

Using the altar works in all default dimensions. I cannot recommend fighting it in the end tho.

It can be crafted on a normal crafting table using vanilla materials. But it can only be placed on netherrack, soul sand and soil or nether nylium.

Crafting recipe

The Wildfire fight

Phase 1/2

Once spawned the Wildfire will probably enter ranged attack mode and starts shooting you like a blaze. It doesn't use small fireballs for that, but regular ones.

Once you come close to hit it with a sword you might notice the Wildfire will move it's shields closer to it's body. It's now in melee mode. It attacks slowly, but does serious damage per hit.

To not be helpless between attacks it will start spawning regular blazes which should force you to move away from the Wildfire. It will then go back to ranged mode and move it's shields back out.

Both the boss and the blazes take damage when it water, so fighting in the overworld can be a huge advantage.

Once you defeated the Wildfire it will drop it's helmet and a mysterious book. However, it will not die just yet.

Phase 2/2

It will turn into a netherite-protected angry wildfire. This one is immune against water, and stronger in most aspects.

In ranged mode it will now shoot special "wildfire balls" which can knoch you high in the air using huge explosions on impact, even in water.

In melee mode it will spawn blazes faster than before to get you back on distance quickly.

Defeating the boss in this phase will not drop any additional loot, so feel free to just run away. However, this means that the angry wildfire will sit at that part of your world forever without despawning.

it will try to follow you in a larger range than phase 1 and the sky will darken whenever it's nearby.


After the fight

After you defeated the boss, or beat phase 1, grabbed the loot and ran away without getting killed, congrats. You now own the wildfire helmet.

It is by far stronger than any vanilla helmet, but there is no full armor set to match it. Enchanting it will cause a special visual effect.

There also is a mysterious book. Who knows what that could be good for...

creator: RZonDL


Requires all experimental toggles except gametest to work properly.

Compatible with bedrock server beta.

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