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MCPE/Bedrock World Expansion (Official Release 1.0.0)

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World Expansion (Official Release 1.0.0)

Hi, This is our first Add-On and we are so happy to release the first non-beta Version of this complement so we decided to upload this.

We will give a small introduction of what this addon is about.

World Expansion is a Big complement that adds new mobs, new biomes, cave biomes and tweaks to already existing things in minecraft vanilla, this is the first version of this complement but we have tried to do the best so we have actually 5 cave biomes ( They generate naturally but you can select in wich biome you will spawn in the subpacks of the Behavior Pack ), 2 normal biomes ( There are some bugs with them because they are in development ), 10 mobs and several new blocks and items.


Before Using the addon for a world, Turn on All the experimental features and make sure you are in the latest betas (, and for better support of custom caves 

Spider Hive Cave

This cave biome usually generates with some spiders and more variants of cobweb ( Cobweb Block, Cobweb Carpet, Cobweb vines, Deepslate with Cobweb )

Some images of the Generation of this biome:


Mobs in this Biome:


-Baby Spider

Damage: 2

Effects: None

Health: 6


-Mother Spider

Damage: 8

Effects: Poison

Health: 25


Lumen Caves

Lumen Caves are a peaceful biome without any hostile mob, many types of vegetation grows here, there are twisted lumen vines, lumen vines, lumen corals and alexandrite geodes.

Some Images of the Generation of this biome:

Alexandrite Geode found in a lumen cave!

Alexandrite Geodes Blocks ( Budding Alexandrite, Alexandrite Geode, Marble and Slate )

Mobs in this biome:

Lumen Beetle

Damage: None

Effects: None

Health: 10

Sculk Caves

This Cave Biome is a variant of the upcoming Deep Dark Caves, they have patches of sculk blocks and vegetation like sculk vines or sculk roots.


Currently these caves dont have any mob but we are working on them


Cold Stone Caves

These Caves spawn under cold and snowy biomes like ice plains or cold oceans

Usually they have snow, snow layers, cold stone, sapphire and ice


Limestone  Caves

These Caves spawns under Desertic biomes

Usually they have limestone, hanging moss and ore variants for limestone


Aquatic Mobs


¿ Arent they cute and ugly at the same time? 

These mobs spawns at y-40 to y50 so you can found them in aquifers or oceans and they attack nautilus



Finally you can find nautilus shells more fast!

Drops nautilus shells ( You can get 1-2 with looting enchant )

Spawns at oceans, aquifers and rivers


Betta Fish

This tiny fishes spawns at rivers, oceans and sometimes in aquifers

They have 4 common variants ( Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow Mixed and Orange Mixed ) and 2 Rare Variants ( Copper-like and Golden )



These jellyfishes spawns at aquifers, warm ocean and rivers

They have 3 variants ( Lucy, Golden and Blue [ Emmisive ] )



These amphibious spawns at Swamps and Rivers


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