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MCPE/Bedrock InfinityBox [Skyblock] [Survival] [1.17]

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InfinityBox [Skyblock] [Survival] [1.17]

InfinityBox is a Network with Skyblock and Survival gamemodes. Each of these gamemodes provides a new and unique experience into the genres. The Skyblock server has island upgrades, custom cobblestone generators, custom enchantments, mineable spawners for mob farms, a detailed player economy, and more! The Survival server has custom enchantments, mineable spawners for mob farms, a player driven economy, and teams (similar to factions, but without land claim).



InfinityBox is a crossplay server, which means that Java and Bedrock players can play together! The server also includes a host of awesome features, including:



Island Upgrades! Use the command "/is upgrade" to upgrade your island size, island member limit, and number of island warps!

Custom Upgradeable Cobblestone Generators! Use the command "/gen" or "/generator" to upgrade your cobblestone generator! This will give you more valuable resources as you progress through leveling your generator!

Custom Enchantments! Achieve custom enchantments from spawn shops with in game economy to help you progress through the skyblock server!

Mineable Spawners/Custom Mob Farms! Use in game currency to buy spawners from the spawn shop and create your own custom mob farms!

Player-driven Economy! Use "/sell hand" with resources in your hand to earn money! You can also use "/ah" to sell items directly to other players! There is a shop in spawn with in game items you can purchase with in game currency to help you build out your island.

Spawn shops! Use in game currency in our beautiful custom-built spawn to build our your island to its max potential!



Mineable Spawners! You are able to mine spawners or purchase them with the in-game economy from spawn to make your own custom farms!

Teams! Create your dream team on our server! Make allies or enemies and rise to the top with our team system! Teams can set team homes and have team banks to become the richest and most powerful team on the server. Teams cannot claim land, however, as we aim not to change the core mechanics of Minecraft, but to add on to the original game. Your team name will be prefixed in front of your name in chat, showing what team you are on.

Economy! Become the richest player in the server and use your in-game balance to buy items from the beautiful custom-built spawn and to trade with other actual players! InfinityBox includes AuctionHouse, which lets you sell ultrarare items directly to real players. The spawn also includes sign shops with NPC's, showing you what each shop's purpose is.

Powerful AntiCheat! Say goodbye to Xrayers and other hacks! We've gone the distance to prevent xray, fly hacking, speed hacking, killaura, criticals, and other hacks. Our anticheat is preventative, which means that it works to stop cheaters from ever hacking in the first place, not only detects them after the fact. We even made it impossible to Xray on our server! This way the economy and player power won't become corrupted with cheaters.

World: The current survival world is 20K by 20K. The world version is in 1.17.1. As the server population grows and/or new Minecraft updates release, we plan to extend the size of the world to allow for new players to find new chunks.

Great combat logging system. Never worry about someone teleporting away or leaving during a fight - our combat logging system will not allow for that. This ensures fights are fair.

All 1.17 content available for everyone!



Powerful voting rewards and a vote crate! When you vote, you get $5,000 in game per site, and a vote crate key per site you voted on! This reward is given on both the Survival and the Skyblock servers.


We are always updating and looking for new ways to be better. On InfinityBox, the team is always looking for ways to improve the server, and the players are the number one priority.

Vote for us:

Join our Discord if you have any more questions:

We look forward to seeing you on our server! 


Useful commands:

/sell hand - sells whatever you are holding directly to the server so you can obtain money

/bal, /baltop - checks your balance, or shows the top richest in the server

/ah - use the Auction House where player-to-player selling and buying takes place

/spawn - takes you to spawn

/vote - gain rewards in game for voting for us



/is create - creates your new island!

/is home - teleports you to your island

/is upgrade - upgrade your island with in game currency

/is invite - invite someone to your island

/gen, /generator - upgrade your custom cobblestone generator



/sethome, /home, /delhome, spawn - teleporting to spawn or your home

/tpa <player>, /tpaccept, /tpdeny, /tpahere <player> - teleporting to other players

/team create <name>, /team invite <player> - lets you create and invite  players to your team



Reset the survival world for a final time. This reset was to fix a host of problems and bugs that were persisting throughout the previous world. This world is now 20K by 20K, and we will expand the world border as the server population grows and as more minecraft updates release.

Updated listing to inform about the survival world specifications.


Server Name: InfinityBox

Map: InfinityBox

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