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MCPE/Bedrock Origin City | Permanent Area for Pure Survival (BE)

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Origin City | Permanent Area for Pure Survival (BE)

The Origin City server adheres to PURE Survival mode. There is no teleport command (NO TP/warp/home/back), and a extensive square area with the origin of the world coordinate as the center and the side length of 8192 exists PERMANENTLY, which is why it is called the Origin City.

Welcome to Origin City!

This Bedrock Edition server launched on February 6, 2022~

It's young, but it's going to be open for a long time (8 years at least)

We respect and protect masterpieces of players. And the construction area in the center of the overworld will never be reset. And, you can get Official Achievement here!


There is a vast permanent construction area (8192×8192) in this server, feel free to start your large buildings and any ambitions with confidence.

Although the server has been established for half a year, our discord server has just been established, and the discord setting is not perfect. Welcome to join the game or join the management team to manage the server together.

Join our Discord Server  to get white-listed 😀


Economy: Diamond Currency + Digital Currency System

We use diamonds as currency, but at the same time have a digital currency system! (Just like BTC) 

You can Buy & Sell Coins here!




Discord Server

中国玩家:QQ审核群 671868088



IP and proxy updated.                

Server Name: Visit website

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