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MCPE/Bedrock Portal Network SMP (Crossplay)

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Portal Network SMP (Crossplay)


Portal Network SMP is an SMP server with the support of older versions & cross play vanilla game as possible while still providing a safe experience. Here you can expect an extremely active player base with things like war, teams, and events going on often, as well as the extremely active and dedicated admins that will be sure to help you when you need it. There is no better option for an SMP server on Bedrock and Java, Join now!

What are the rules of Portal Network SMP?

The rules are:
1. Hacked clients, X-Ray packs, and exploits are not allowed to be used.
2. No chat spamming.
3. Griefing is not allowed.
4. Stealing is not allowed.
5. Modded Apps are not allowed. (You cannot use any Modded app like toolbox or Minecraft Mod. Which violates as cheating!)
6. Sending NSFW in the chat or build mark as banned.
7. Be friendly to others.

Here are some pictures of our Portal Network SMP!
 Taken from Minecraft Java:

 Taken from Minecraft Bedrock:

What Minecraft version is compatible with this server?
Answer: 1.16.10 to latest

Why there's a timer on your server?
Answer: Our server may have 24/7 Online. But we limit our server resources for a Good Reason:
- Reduce lacks of lag.
- It's their turn to play other players on my server.

What happens if I reached my playtime limit?
Answer: You'll get kicked out from the server. You can Donate us to get Lifetime playtime (Donation Rank) or Wait until it resets your playtime tomorrow.

Each players will get 2 hours of playtime per day. For Donation players they'll get a lifetime playtime for supporting our server.

Watch our short trailer/teaser here:



- Based on the video trailer we changed the server port. After we distributed the video

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