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Minecraft Bedrock (Xbox One)-Custom Skins are Coming VERY Soon!

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Minecraft Bedrock (Xbox One)-Custom Skins are Coming VERY Soon!

So Bedrock has amazing things that are infinite right? From worlds to realms and from resource pack to add ons. However, one feature whih has been missing since launch is custom skins on the Xbox One version of the game. It was confirmed today by Helen that they are coming!

Where was it confirmed?

Helen popped into a converation by stampylongnose and SB737. Here, Helen confirms that they are coming..... soon...

How will they work?

While unknown about how they will offically work, we can speculate that you will be able to use a USB stick and upload a file and select it from your device to the game.

Topic starter Posted : 05/05/2018 4:20 am
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Wow, Xbox is far behind lol.

Posted : 05/05/2018 10:05 am
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You can do it already just like worlds addons resources packs but it's nice they're adding an official way 

Posted : 11/11/2020 9:38 am
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Bruh I didn't even know you couldn't add custom skins on xbox. When do you think they are going to add an "official" way to add servers. Sure there is the way of changing some settings on your xbox but that is really a hassle. Can't wait to play @Hyperlands server on a xbox though

Posted : 17/08/2021 4:23 pm