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Falling PVP MAP

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A different PVP map?
Here you can fight with your friends and entities on a futuristic map with floating islands, laboratories, spaceships and much more! And there is PVE

This map has 3 game modes:
FALLING: In this game mode all players in the world will be able to fight each other until only one player is left standing and is named the winner.

CONTROL: In this game mode there are 2 teams, here both teams have to fight to dominate the 3 points A, B and C and generate points with kills or dominated points and be the winning team with the most points.

SOLO: This game mode allows only 1 person, here you will be the only one challenging the monsters, be careful, they are very strong, will you survive?


----- Support 40 players in game! -----



  • All players alive will now be marked during sudden death every 4 seconds for easier hunting.
  • Added a new mood song in the CONTROL game mode.



---------- DOWNLOAD: ----------




---------- DOWNLOAD: ----------
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Twitter / X: Sm0k3nD



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