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Looking for new Members

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I'm looking for new Members for our upcoming 1.18 SMP Realm.

If you meet the requirements send me a message on psn (BTTR_Tribe)

- at least 21 years old (sorry but no one below)

- willing to put some effort into the World and be active on it

- Mic needed (we're not in Parties all the time)

- Psn only!

- Discord also required for Realm News, ect


A few facts about us and the upcoming Realm:

- We're all between 21 and 35 years old (males and females)

- Some of us will Livestream on Twitch

- We will have a currency System on the World and People build their own Shops

- We have a couple of Addons to name a few: Mob Heads, Mini Blocks, One Player Sleep and many more

- We have quite some practice with running Realms

- Some Features we will have: Nether Hub, Mini Games and more


Interested? And you meet the requirements? Don't hesitate to message me on Psn (BTTR_Tribe)

Topic starter Posted : 20/11/2021 9:50 am