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MCPE/Bedrock Bamboo Forest Spawn (Seed)

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Bamboo Forest Spawn (Seed)

I keep finding awesome seeds guys! I guess that's what happens when you load 50 new worlds a day. This one drops straight into a Bamboo Forest inside a very large jungle biome. There is even a Jungle Temple right near the spawn, in a pond? Enjoy guys!


A very large Bamboo Forest at the spawn point? That's right! This seed drops right into a very big Jungle Biome that features a Bamboo Forest at the world spawn. Never more will you have to search for days to get that precious bamboo resource!

There is a Jungle Temple very close to the spawn as well, I have never seen one spawn in a pond like this one did.

An overview of the world (spawn is roughly in the center)

I have not explored much else of the seed than what you see in the pictures, go see what you can find!

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Topic starter Posted : 29/04/2021 10:44 am