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MCPE/Bedrock Minecraft New Survival Seed

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Minecraft New Survival Seed


This is a survival seed. This seed has many benefits. All these seeds have different biomes. You will see the village within the seed. There are many big mountains. Also, there are Lush Caves, Pyramid. You will see more while playing.

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In this world you will see an island. This island is very big. This seed is absolutely the best seed to play in survival mode. Because there are many structures nearby starting from this spawn point.

Ocean Monument

There is a big sea with this island. Ocean Monument is located in this sea. Ocean Monument makes this world more beautiful. It is located very close by.


This island is so big that there is also a jungle temple here. This Jungle Temple spawn naturally in the game. It is located in the middle of the forest.


Lush Cave

Below this jungle temple is Lush Cave. This lush cave is very big. There is a nether portal in this lush cave. You will see some distant lush caves from where you are spawn. The cave contains many items. The position is given in picture, if you go to that position you will see this cave.

Outpost Ahead

There is an outpost ahead. Which grows naturally in the game. It looks very beautiful and behind it is the red desert biome.


Here is the mesa canyon desert biome. It is very big, and its mountains are very high. Desert biome and red desert biome make the world more beautiful. Moreover, there are many big caves here.


A village is located very far from the spawn point. This is the village of the desert biome. There are many villagers in this village. Moreover, there is a big sea in this village.


In this seed, you will see a pyramid. Pyramid is a structure that grows naturally in the game. The scenery around this pyramid is very beautiful.

Deep Dark

There is also the deep dark biome. Next to it is the amethyst cave. Although the deep dark biome is far away from the spawn point. Also, this cave contains the most popular and rare fossil structures. Moreover, there are many diamonds in this cave.


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