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MCPE/Bedrock Ruined Portal, Village, Desert Temple & More Near Spawn (Seed)

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Ruined Portal, Village, Desert Temple & More Near Spawn (Seed)

We all know that almost everyone looks for great Minecraft seeds. I had been searching for hours and hours and I finally found an OP seed that gives you a great start to the game.



Simply make a new world and name it anything you want. You can set any setting you want - just don't change the world type keep it at infinite. Put in the seed -1000000550 *make sure to include the dash in ( - )*

Create the world and you will be greeted with a Ruined Portal directly Infront of you:

Now you can go to the right of the portal you soon you will see a desert village:

Right behind that you will find a desert temple:

Right next to the temple, you will find a small ravine which you can explore:

If you go further behind the desert temple, you will find yourself a woodland mansion:

I hope you like this seed.

Please do not copy this and if you are making a video about this, please give credit to me.

founder: Beanz2009

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