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MCPE/Bedrock Speedrun Seed

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PE/Bedrock/EDU Speedrun Seed

This seed is perfect for speedrunning.Wanna know how? Well, this seed spawns you near a village which is also near a desert temple and a ruined portal. When you enter the ruined portal, it teleports you above a fortress (which may not be too great,) and a convenient spot where piglins can trade! The end portal is also near a village, which is not too far away from the ruined portal, but it can take some time.



The image below the image that's below this test (hehe) is a peek at the loot of the blacksmith's chest! Yes, this village has a blacksmith and a leather worker which has 2 leather helmets, bread, leather chestplate & leggings.

Not convinced yet? Well, look at this image! This is where you spawn if you activated the ruined portal! Above a fortress, beside a bunch of piglins! Convinced yet? You better be.

Coordinates of end portal: 968, 40 1036

Coordinates of village 1: 922 71 122

Coordinates of village 2: 1075 55 514

Coordinates of village 3 (where the stronghold is at): 970 71 986

 Will update this in 1 day to show coordinates of nearby ruined protals!

credit: Swineman

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