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MCPE/Bedrock Antique Skinpack

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Antique Skinpack

Have you always wanted to be a warrior, a scholar or a simple citizen of the ancient world? Then this is the skin pack you are looking for.

This is our first post here therefore your feedback is very important for us to improve.This skin pack includes a Spartan warrior, Egyptian citizen and Roman citizen.   


Dive into the world of antiquity with this skin pack(which will be enlarged in the near future):

                                                                                                                          1.Elite Spartan warrior

                                                                                                     - Were one of the strongest warriors of the antiquity


                                                                                                         2.Egyptian healer

                                                                                                     -Were essential at that time and therefore had a high rank



                                                                                                      3.Greek scholar

                                                                                                    -Had great influence in politics and therefore  a high reputation


                                                                                                   More skins will be added in the future



-Changed Submission for our Skinpack

-More Skins will be added in the future


1:Download it

2:Download it from MediaFire

How to install:

Zip-folder: Download the file than extract it an put it in the minecraft-skinpack folder

Mcpack: Download it and right click it to open (Minecraft should automatically put the files in the folder depending on which platform you are playing)

(I don't know if you can use these skin pack files on consoles like xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo switch)

creator: Olympic Studios

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