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MCPE/Bedrock The Block-polished Skin Pack - Blocky

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The Block-polished Skin Pack - Blocky

The all-new Block-polished skin pack is here! Enjoy a fun, unique experience whilst rocking each and every Blockit!

Support Blocky with a download of the skin pack to add to your collection, thanks!


Hello, I’m Blocky, nice to meet ya! As you guessed, this is my new skin pack! Join the Blockitizens with all-new Blockits to rock for any occasion; survival, creative, anything!

I‘ve wore the skin, is that all?

With constant updates to the Block-polished skin pack, there’s always something new to check out‘ 

it’s like a brand new pack every time you visit, enjoy, haha!

🎉JOIN THE DISCORD (huge giveaway at 75 members!

🤫CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING as it’s free, we’re going for 5K next, please!

Please do not repost or modify this content.              Copyright © 2021 by Blocky. All rights  reserved.




• Updated the Introduction & Main Description for a nice overview! Check it out!

• Featuring 3 New Skins! : Block-polished Bandit • Block-polished Tutelage • Block-polished Bisect

• Bugs regarding geometry.json files are still under a work in progress

• Supported versions have been simplified


Hello, Blockit! Here’s a simple guide to install the Block-polished skin pack! :

• Head to the files app, & open the newly-downloaded file 

• proceed to hold the file, & tap “copy”. Head to ‘Browse’, & search: Minecraft

• Open the folder, tap [games] • [com.Mojang] • [skin_packs]. Hold in the blank space to paste the file, and you’re all set!

• Launch Minecraft, & enjoy the skin pack, haha!



• Upon installation, head to your “downloads“ folder; tap on the new [mcpack] or [mcaddon]

• If prompted, import to minecraft after tapping the file - wait for the game to load up, enjoy!


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