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MCPE/Bedrock Darling In The Franxx - Skin Pack v4 | Improvements in Skins

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Darling In The Franxx - Skin Pack v4 | Improvements in Skins

If you were one of the people who watched the Darling In The FranXX anime in 2018 you might remember these skins as something you would never expect to be posted on this page

I present the Darling In The FranXX Skin Pack with 41 skins of the anime's protagonists


In this skin pack there are more than 41 skins and soon more will be added, just wait each week for an update and it will arrive even more renewed, well exaggerate a bit but hey enjoy these skins and see you next week
Inspired by the skin pack of Miles Pepe
Inspired by the action and romance anime created in 2018 Darling In The Franxx came to Minecraft with many skins that are protagonists of the anime, currently there are about 41 or 42 but soon much more skins will be added enjoy your favorite character and don't forget to comment what other anime pack you want me to do

-Social accounts-

Twitter @Yahirx_Rps_MC

Discord Yahirx Rps#4774

Have you ever wanted to have a skin pack like this, because here I came to grant the wish? use your favorite skin anywhere, on servers, worlds and much more, I hope and enjoy the skin pack and this is the list of added skins and skins that will be added soon

List of skins:


  • Zero Two -✔- |     Hiro -✔-
  • Ichigo -✔-       |     Kokoro -✔-
  • Goro -✔-         |      Code:001 -✔-
  • Mutsuru -❌-|      Ikuno -✔-
  • Naomi -❌-    |      Futoshi -❌-
  • Zorome -✔-    |      Miku -✔-
  • 9'α -✔-             |      9'β -✔-
  • 9'γ -✔-             |      9'δ -✔-
  • 9'ε -✔-             |       9'ζ -✔-
  • Hachi -❌-     |      Nana -❌-
  • Dr. Franxx-✔- |      Zero Two as a child -✔-
  • Hiro as a child -✔-


  • Strelizia -✔- / Red Strelizia -✔- / Golden Strelizia -✔-
  • Delphinium -❌-
  • Argentea -❌-
  • Genista -❌-
  • Chlorophytum -❌-
  • FRANXX mass production -❌-
  • Model 9 -❌-


  • (!) 7 characters from the ❌ list will be added in the next update Here I leave you the images of the skins


!Note: if you use skins from this package, tell me about my discord or the comments here since I need to know if you will use it in another package, the skins have a watermark that cannot be seen so you don't think about removing it


By Yahirx Rps | Original Skins

  • These skins were neither stolen nor ordered from other people, they were only handmade and original



In this version, only beautiful HD eyes were added to almost all the characters, errors with the names were also corrected and some characters were remade.


-¿How to download?

  1. you have to go to the download link
  2. you have to wait 5 seconds
  3. when the 5 seconds have passed now you have to see some articles for 15 seconds - do not click on any link ad vertise
  4. and ready now you just put it in get download link and ready enjoy the texture pack


(!) If you have a question or any idea go to my discord and ask me what you need, invitation below the download link


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