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MCPE/Bedrock Dinos! by ThreadyPilot

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Dinos! by ThreadyPilot


I meaaan...who doesn't absolutely LOVE dinos?!…well this skin packs contains 14 different dinosaur skins, in all colors of the rainbow so you can use them with your friends to have matching skins!!

This skin pack will allow you to choose between 14 different skins, (7 girls and 7 boys)

First we have...

The green one! that of course has its girl version

Also the black and white, the red, the orange and the yellow one! 

If you like for some color to be added, or anything you can write it in the comment section!



1.Click the download link.

2.Once you are in Linkvertise, click "Free access with ads"

3.Wait 5 seconds.

4.Pres the "X" after the 5 seconds.

5.Click in "Free access"

6.Once you are on Mediafire click the big blue download button.

7.Enjoy 😉


Topic starter Posted : 16/03/2023 4:01 pm